Proyek Kampung Loco

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How it all began

In the year 1996, we (Joep en Marijke) decide, now that the kids are growing up, to start travelling.

The first country is going to be Indonesia (The native land of Joep’s mother), the islands Java and Bali are visited. The warmth brought to us by the Indonesian people is overwhelming and we both feel great here. (see

In 1998 we visit Sulawesi, also a journey we’ll never forget. The environment and the people leave a great impression on us. Indonesia has got into our heart!

Berdua's booth

In 1999 we travel from Bali to Lombok., because we plan to visit the Nusa Tengera Islands, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, Komodo, etcetera….. On the island of Lombok we meet a guy named Boung who asks us if we want to meet his family. We love meeting the native people, so we agree! We never travel further and stay in Lombok for the remainder of our vacation..

Now after many years, we still haven’t been to Sumbawa. Maybe this speaks for itself…

In 2000 we get the opportunity to travel for an entire year and so we leave for Asia again. In this year we live for 2x2 months in Lombok and we get to know the people of Kampung (village) Loco better and better. From the start we both have the mutual feeling: “We could live here…” Something we never felt before.

As we return to Holland after this year we can’t seem to get used to our old life. We simply changed too much!! We decide to both start working part-time in the company and in the weekends we attend markets and festivals to sell all kinds of Asian items, also items from Indonesia. We call our little company ‘Berdua’, which means “just the 2 of us” in Indonesian. This is going to be our new life, with more freedom to live it as we like it.

We then decide to start to support the 4 Indonesian families, who we’ve got to know quite well meanwhile. Let’s face it, we have more than enough here in Holland.

Boung, Sareah, Nureini, Fitrianni and DianaAdi and MariamCuk, Juny and JudyEful, Kartini and Gilang

But actually we want to do something for the entire village as well. The people are all so very nice and we feel so welcome.

That is why we start talking with our Indonesian friends, Eful, Adi, Cuk and Boung. (the men of the families we support), about a way to do something for the entire village. The guys propose to start sending their children to school, “Because”, as they say themselves, “our children are the future.”. We think this is a fantastic idea and we decide to send 4 children to school.

This time back in Holland, after visiting Kampung Loco we keep talking more and more to our friends about our visits to the Kampung and how great the guys over there are to arrange all of this.

So many friends start asking:


People spontaneously offer to sponsor and in a few months we are able to send 14 children to school. With this good news we return to the Kampung in October 2005. Together with the guys we decide to start up a project with the main goal:

Give as much children from the Kampung the chance to follow a decent education.

The name of the project is:

Proyek Kampung Loco

The project is working out great and is expanded with:

-Medicines and Emergencies – General support – Bemo-

Mind you, we are not a foundation. We think it’s important to get every cent to the people and not spend it on costs for organisation here in Holland. We do hope to be recognized in Indonesia as “YAYA SAN” (foundation in Indonesian) in due time.

This project has given us a dream for the future. We started travelling for a year to find a purpose in our lives. Kampung Loco has given us this goal. The village is showing us so much love and warmth. On the other hand we are glad to see so much love and warmth in Holland as well. People with their hearts on the right place who wish to mean something for their fellow-man. We feel rich that in a world with so much bad news, one can find so many positive things.