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Newsletter December 2016

So we’re living already in December, the month of presents, parties, reflections and looking at the new year.

This year everything went well and in August Nick, Elise, Daisy and Djariah (the family of Jeffrey) visited the kampung. Over there they opened the new community centre (on behalf of Jeffrey). We are very happy that this building, also with the great donation of Jan Houwen, is realized. It is already in use for meetings and even for extra control for the babies. At last there is a place were everybody is welcome. In January we are going to take a look for our self. We are so curious.


Newsletter June 2016

We want to share our last information.
As our reports were only in Dutch, we give a short impression of what is going on.

Our stay in Lombok was not so easy this year. We really want to learn more about the country and the people and every time we get a little bit more involved. But that is not always an advantage. In Indonesia lost face is the worst thing that can happen to you. In a way the people are not afraid to talk to us about their problems. Many times you feel the impotency that your not able or not even allowed to change the things, but it is really difficult. The country and his people have to develop in their own time. The only thing we can do is just take time and listen to their problems.


Newsletter November 2015

Just a few weeks before we leave and so we give you the latest news.
A beautiful summer ended and leaves are falling so Autumn came.

We have our tickets ready and hope that the visa will arrive (for the first time it’s taking much longer!). If everything goes as planned we will leave at the 6th of December for a week in Thailand and hopefully after that we ‘ll be “home” in Lombok again.
The Rinjani stopped spitting ashes and the flights continue again.


Newsletter April 2015

So many things happened the last months. We want to tell you all about it.

Our last letter ended with the story of Marijke’s operation. Everything went very well and that is the reason we could leave on the 31st of December to Asia. We took our time and did everything relaxed, but we were on the road again. After a stay in Bangkok, Thailand and a very short stay in Bali, we were “home” on the 12th of January 2015.

The warmth was there in real and in the harts.


Newsletter November 2014

Newsletter November 2014

A few more weeks to go and then we leave again to our beloved Lombok. Time passes quickly and autumn shows itself again in all its colours. So time for us to find the warmth again.

The project is doing fine and the bemo is, thanks to sponsoring, all fixed up en really beautiful. You can see the pictures on facebook at: Proyek Kampung Loco.

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