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Newsletter May 19 2009

Again we have a lot of good news. Although it took some time, we promised you the story and photos from school De Koempoelan, Purmerend and also another school did a real super action for our project. School De Keg from Venray decided in February that they wanted to do a kind of “children for children”project.

As we told You before, the school named de Koempoelan had there 10th year anniversary last year. The complete year, the school organised things, like a small market and a run from the children. They decided to split the results into 3 parts. One part for there schoolyard, one part for a project in Nepal, called Langtang Children Home and one part for our project. The action was a great success. Our project got € 3370,-. With this money we can also help some people, who are waiting for university. It will give us some time to find new sponsors. A great progress. On the 11th of February we went to Purmerend to receive the cheque. With support of a beautiful Chinese Dragon we went to the gym, which was full of children and teachers. This is were we got the cheque. Some children even song a Indonesian song. It was great. Unfortunately the director Mrs. Nanda Mantel was not there. She was sic kon that day. But the good thing is that she is going to Lombok for holiday, this summer and she can see with her own eyes, what we are doing and how well the children of the kampung are doing. Again, thank you very much Koempoelan!!!

After that we left for a small holiday in Thailand and while we were enjoying sun and see, we got an e-mail from Olga Nijsen from school De Keg, Venray.
Two years ago Mo van Dongen was doing a speech about our project. As a result the group of Olga, decided to do a small project to help our project. De group adopted a boy from the project, but also it gave us some new friends, the family Geurts. Thanks to this family our project got an extra boost. Even now they help us with everything and Tom Geurts is a more than professional webmaster from our site. The good thing is they even started a project of there own. Look at

However, back to the story.  Olga proposed a new action with the complete school. The name “Children for children”. They wanted to do something for the elementary school in Senggigi, were also most of the children of the kampung got to. The coincidence is that we promised the drawing teacher that we wanted to try to get some money for him to get material for the kids. So this was the opportunity to do something. We decided to give readings in every Group, with the title: a day out of the live of Ismael in kampung Loco. To give the children an idea what live is like in Indonesia. A Total of 15, but until the last one, it was big fun. Every time another group. They all started with something from Indonesia. There was a special game-day and a fancy-fair. This was held on Friday the 24th of April van 12.30 untill 14.00 hours. Just one and a half hour, but it was very, very busy. We were running from class to class to see everything. It was great fun, litlle dances, selling dreamcathers, masks and small bites. To much to name and to see in this small time. (You can see the pictures in the photobook). It was very busy with children and there parents.
Unfortunately we could’nt be presence at the announcement of the amount they got with their action. But on Friday the 18th of this month the official amount was announced by the group of Olga, during a collective meeting of all the children. We were overwhelmed, because in one and a half hour they collected € 2202,52. We never expected this amount. Now we can do a lot more for the school in Senggigi. We will talk with the teachers to see what we can do.
You can be shure that we will use the amount in a good way.

All children, parents en employees of DE KEG and DE KOEMPOELAN , thank you very, very much.
You are great and a big support to us.

On behave of al children of Proyek Kampung Loco, but also on behave of the children from elementryschool SDN1 Senggigi


As we were visiting Indonesia, last October, we met the family Antonijsz. They were a big support for us, when we were going for our bemo. So it was great to meet them. (see our story from October 2008). But they told us at a relative of them, living in Mataram, Lombok had a orphanage called Patmos. They did’nt now because he did’nt want to ask them for help. As we heard this story, we wanted to help. Lucky for us we know some people from the organisation Lombokcare. They helping a lot of small project in Lombok. This was a great idea, because one of the people of Lombokcare, called Mindy Schreurs, went to Patmos to take a look. After that they contacted the organisation BEMO in Roermond, the Netherlands. A organisation set up out of the ROC-school. This organisation is sending every year a group of 20 young people for two weeks to Lombok. These boys and girls help to clean up and fix the buildings from Patmos and also from house of the blind children called SLB. The story is not available in English, but feel free to see the pictures unther

Also we have a forum now. It is now only in Dutch, but don’t hasitate to put in some information, whatever you like. Feel free.

So this was the last information. We go on and feel pride en happynis, having so many good friends, who have a good hart and give our project so much good support.

So again we say: Terima Kasih


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