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Newsletter 29th of November 2010

Just on the last moment, you get the latest news. Yes, next Thursday we are leaving at last. The good news is the fact that on the 25th of October our second beautiful granddaughter was born, with the name of Robin. Mother and daughter are fine and also father and older sister Lara feeling great. Then we have more news:

-     On the 15th of October we visit a jubilee from 4 colloquies from early times at Océ. Their names are Hay Merkx, Leon van den Broek, Wim Knaapen and Jos Janssen. Jos is the one who took care of a website for us in 2000. In that time we travelled for one year. He is the one who knows our complete story and also how our project started. And the end of the jubilee as we want to go home, they give us an envelope for the project. We didn’t expect a gift. Thanks a lot.

-    Via our ambassador Wim, we get a special present again from the restaurant “In den Engel”. They bought new chairs for there restaurant and we can sell the old ones. The yield is for our projct. Terima Kasih!!. Also the extra donation pot they have in the restaurant, keeps bringing amount in for us.

-    Mrs. Houben, mother of some dear friends of us, sends also a beautiful contribution. Thank you very much madam, for this wonderful gesture.

-    We have some bad luck with our beautiful fire department car. He had to go to the garage. But also every bad news has something good inside, because in the end, as Joep pays the bill, The owner of the garage Jack Berns decides to give a donation for our project. Thank you Jack.

-    Also Jeanne and Ton Nanning came to say goodbye last week. Last year we had a very nice time together in Lombok. As they leave, they give us an envelope for the good purpose. So many nice people makes you quiet.

It were some hard weeks lately. Marijke was also seeing a dokter. Ze even went to hospital for a catheterization. The biggest fear was that we could leave for Lombok. But end’s well, all’s well. It seemed that here heart is still doing very well and we can go without a problem.

First we go to Thailand for a few days to visit a friend and after that a few days to Bali. We hope to arrive at home, in Kampung Loco at the 2nd of December. Please look at  facebook for news, pictures or small films.

We also have the request that if you send something by e-mail, please don’t put any attachment with it. It takes hours to download them. If you send pictures for your sponsorchild. No problem, we will print them.

If you have any questions or want to tell something to us or you sponsorchild, just mail us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The weatherforcast teaches us that up from Thursday the weather is going to be very cold and maybe with snow and ice. We couldn’t have picked a better day to leave. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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