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Newsletter June 2011

It took a while, but we are back again. The time in Indonesia went very quick. It was a rewarding time, but sometimes also hard. The more we know about the country and the way the people live, the harder it becomes to understand everything. But we go on trying. We remain watching, sometimes we keep silent, sometimes we have the handle the problems and we have to learn to find the way between does two.

In April we returned from Indonesia and start to live here again. We already had some festivals and enjoying here again with children, grandchildren, family and friends. In the meantime we send all sponsors an e-mail with also the new pictures of the children. The biggest part of the school donations are paid already. Thanks for the quick reaction.

The last information from Lombok:
-   In February and March we got a lot of visitors, Loes, Han, Nick, Elise, Herma, Mesach, Ronald, Fi, Roy and Adri. It was a busy but also nice time. Ronald and Fi could not resist to give an extra donation to the project. Fi, who is handling a project in Timor and she lives there under limited resources and circumstances. It is great that she also wanted to support our project. Ronald and Fi, thanks a lot.  
-    We got the message that 2 boys are admitted to the school Belindo from an organisitation in the Netherlands. A school focused on tourism. We will explain: This school accept children after selection. The children have to finish highschool, speak some English and have to know a bit about computers. The school is paid by travellers who travel with this organisation. A rate of the ticket price is used for charities and in Lombok it is this school. The school is for free and 99% of the children has a job in the end. In our feelings already a success story.
-    But there are also some less good stories. We had to remove a girl from our project, because the parents were cheating with the receipts from school and they also didn’t give us permission to make a picture of the girl. But thanks to the good administration of Cuk, we found out this story. Also here we learn we have to be serious and straight, how hard it is sometimes.
-    In the time when Han is visiting us, a girl of nine years old breaks her leg. They take her to a “bone-specialist”. This is for shure no doctor and the problems became bigger and bigger. Han spontaneous offers to pay for hospital. So they take her there. The girl is jumping around again. She got help, but we realize that this can happen when we are not around. Lucky for us that we can offer more and more help with the medicine donations.

The last information from the Netherlands:
-    At bar and restaurant “In den Engel” they still have a collecting box at the bar. They ask the people who walk in and just want to use the toilet to give a donation. But we think thank also the regular guest make donations, because the amount is enormous. Probably it is also a part of the tipmoney for the staff, so also they are supporting. It sounds so simple, but the affort is great.
-    Via Jacqueline van Duren, who promoted us, some ladies of the Rotary Reuver-Meulenbroek handed over an envelope to us. This amount is going to be a big support for our medicine pot. Thanks a lot.
-    Also we got several extra donations from friends from the project. This  makes shure we can go on this coming year!
-    Our First combination sponsoring is now a fact. We already get a tip to find more then one sponsors for a child, to chair the expense. Now we had the chance. A sponsor, who was waiting, didn’t mind to chair with someone. So also this is now a possibility.

You will probably miss some nice pictures in our newsletter, but our webmaster teached us that this is not possible. Because we are not really IT-experts, we have chosen to put the pictures on facebook under: Proyek Kampung Loco. This we do understand ha-ha.

The new pictures from the children and sponsors are now on the website, with thanks to the help of Tom, our webmaster. Joep wanted to do it by himself, but is was more difficult then he thought.

This was the latest news. Remains us to wish you al a good holiday. Enjoy, take a good rest and see you next time. If you go to Lombok, please say hello to everybody in the kampung!!

On behave of Proyek Kampung Loco

Eful, Cuk, Boung, Adi, Joep and Marijke

Just as we want to publish this newsletter, we took our car to the garage. Again the owner gave us a donation. Thank you. This is what makes is all so beautiful!!


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