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Newsletter September 2011

And did everybody had a great holiday, relaxed and enjoyed? We hope that you all had the holiday you dreamed of. Oké, the weather wasn’t perfect but the weather is what it is and we just have to deal with it.

Now festival season has finished. It was a wonderful and great time. In between also a lot

of things happened with the project. Please let us inform you.

At the end of May all children got there things they need for school again. With the number of 105 children, this is a big job. Just think of buying shoes every year. What size, and did we get that size? Also the big number of uniforms and then we have to deal with 22 different schools. But Eful, Cuk, Adi and Boung fixed it again and we are very proud of them.


The spontaneous donations keep coming in. People who give us an amount, saying “You know were you can use it”.  With all respect, we want to mention one of them. Mr. Sjef van der Ligt. As we just started our project, he was helping us rebuilding our little house in the Netherlands. At the end, as we wanted to pay him, he gave us an amount and said: “Just use it for medicine”. Because of those words we found another great way to help the people of the kampung , with doctors and hospital visits and medicine. Since last year we are even able to help the women when the have to give birth. If necessary they can go to the hospital. Sjef send us an e-mail with the information that he and his family wanted to do a donation again. There is were we really realized that his words of years ago helped us to give extra support, next to helping the children to go to school. Thanks a lot Sjef and family.

Also we got a very sad, but also very beautiful story to deal with. We had a phone call from Toon van Gogh. His dear wife Mieke (mother of little Joep) died, much to early. Mieke still had a lot of dreams. One of them was helping children. She never made it. The three of them wanted to go to Indonesia, but everything happened to quickly. In the hospital where Mieke was, there was another young girl, called Michelle. She also fought for her live. Toon wanted Mieke’s dreams to come true and that is why he offered Michelle and her friend Richard to make a trip to Indonesia. Michelle suggested to do something for Mieke over there. That is were Toon contacted us and everything worked out perfectly. We had a boy, who’s sponsor had to stop. Toon and his little son were happy to take over the sponsoring of Nasup and Michelle and Richard visited Nasup in the kampung. Unfortunately we never met Mieke in person, but it is a small world. Many of our friends, did know Mieke and from the stories we heard we learned that she was a very good and special person.  Toon, thank you very much for your confidence in us and we are looking forward to see you and your son Joep, in Lombok.


In July a story about the project and us was published in “dé Weekkrant Limburg”.  Another change for us to promote the project. It was published just a few days before we were on the festival “Bospop” with great results. People came to visit us, to talk about Indonesia. It gave us also four new sponsors. We got even spontaneously money put in our hands. And even one week later, as we were back in that town for another festival, people were coming to do a donation. It was like one big party. We saw people again, we didn’t see for a long, long time.  Dear, dear people, thank you very much.

But we also had to say goodbye to some sponsors. With all respect of course, because they helped the children for many years to go on. For these 2 children it maybe be a bit difficult to find a new sponsor. They are already a bit older, so sponsoring will be more expensive. But somewhere we are convinced that we will find new sponsors. We are always thinking there is a little angel sitting on our shoulder, helping us when we need it.

Now slowly we are preparing for our next stay in Lombok. It takes a while, we leave at the end of November. But until then we have the possibility to visit some dear friends and sponsors.  During festival season we are always working in the weekend.

Again we want to let you know, if you want more information, pictures and so one, please let us know. We will visit the families and send everything to you. Just send us an e-mail and we arrange it. The mail address is: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

On the First page of our website you see in the bottom left a link to FACEBOOK. Also people who don’t have an account on FACEBOOK can look at this site of the project. We will use it again to show you pictures of the project, when we are in Lombok.

As we read this story back it almost feels like we forgot some things, but for us personal it was a very intensive and impressive time the last few months. Old friends and colleagues who came back in our live again. The emotional story of Mieke. But we cannot translate emotions into words. Thank you all again and again. We are feeling so rich, to be able to do this, thanks to you a great people with you feelings in the right place.

We keep hearing from our government that we have to economize our way of life. That is the moment that we appreciate more and more that the people don’t give up, but go on helping us.



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