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Newsletter November 2012

So now it is already November. This was a difficult year for us. A lot of things happened, but more in our private life then in the project. The most difficult thing to do was saying goodbye to Marijke’s dearest friend Riets. After a friendship from 47 years it is hard to say goodbye. She was a wonderful person in all of her simplicity. The beautiful memories will stay. Nobody can take those away. 

Because of these hard times, the project moved to the back a little, but not out of our hart. Things are going GREAT in the project. The sponsors stay loyal to us and that makes us very happy. The website is completed again with some new pictures. People keep surprising us with beautiful gestures. Lets name a few:

At the Zoksfestival in Blerick, John comes along and gives us a donation for the project. He did already many times before.

At the Rabo bank we had an appointment, because last year we had a lot of problems using our debit card in Asia. They try to solve al our problems as much as possible and gave us a big bag of pens for the project.

To be sure of having no problems we open a extra account on the ABN Amro bank. Of course we start to talk about the project again. They gave us a nice little backpack filled with small present and pens for the children in the kampung.

LI-trading, a company from Deurne, gave us a 100 stainless steel rings to sell for the project. What a great gift. Thank a lot Lenie and Ilse.

Just for fun, we got an extra tip at the festival of Bospop in Weert. We love things like that.

Also Katja and Rene gave as spontaneous an envelop at the festival Bospop and if that wasn’t enough they visited us in October, together with mother Trieni and gave us again an envelop from them al 3 together. Thanks dear friends.

Because of some bad circumstances a sponsor had to stop. He regrets it deeply, but we are so great full for what he and his family did for us al these years. We tried a new way and put these children on Facebook. It worked and within 48 hours all the 4 children had a new sponsor. Help was coming from unexpected places in the Netherlands, from people who know our website and believe in the project. Sjoerd, Edo and Wim thank you very, very much.

We have an anonymous sponsor who visits the Kampung every year. He calls himself Bob. He went to our project member Adi and made a donation. Although we don’t know you Bob, on behave of the project, thank you.

 In our last newsletter we proudly told you about a Young Doctor, who would come and visit the Kampung one time a month to give the people a free consult. We got a message from her that she was to busy and it didn’t worked until now. We keep in touch and hopefully this still is going to happen. That same Doctor asked us if we could get her an otoscope. We could keep our promise, because the Fa. Schoonenberg Venray, gave us an otoscope for her. Thank you for this.

We went for a visit to some wonderful colleagues from the festivals. They gave us an envelop, which makes you so grateful again. They don’t want to be mentioned by name, but we hope they realize how great full we are.

 A few years ago we met Ton and Jeanne Nanning. Two people who also a very fund of Indonesia. They are helping some people on Java and Lombok already. They also like the project. On a holiday in Croatia they had a long talk with their friends from Germany, Bernd and Angelika. The result were enormous. Bernd and Angelika are the owners of the Company Zabel and they decided to give the project a donation of a € 1000,-. Now we are shure that we are able to give all the people of the kampong the medical support they need for the next year. Vielen dank, ihr liebe leuten von die Firma Zabel. Wir werden alles sehr gut benutzen.

We also want to mention the family Geurts, who, despite the lot of work for their own project: Impian Anak, still support us with the website. We do our best to do it ourselves, but it doesn’t always works. They are always there for us to support and help. So for them also a real Terima kasih.

 Meanwhile we have our tickets and we will leave for Thailand on the 27th of November. The plans are to fly to Bali on the 9th of December and probably arrive in Lombok on the 11th.  There we will get the last information about the project. When we are in the Netherlands we don’t get much of information from Lombok. Not because they don’t want to, but more because they are ashamed of their English and because of that we don’t get the messages right. In the last years we learned that we don’t have to worry and get all the information that we need, already in the first week that we arrive over there.

Like the years before, we will put our report on the website again. For pictures you have to check on Facebook. That is much easier for us, because the systems are a lot slower in Indonesia.

The First visitors are also known. We are very happy that the sponsors Peter and Patricia will come together with their children Mirte and Dewi to see how live is in kampong Loco. We are really interested in how they and specially the children, experience this trip.

We wish for all dear sponsors to have a great time. A great Christmas time with the warmed en good feelings of your family around you, realizing how beautiful life is and how lucky we are to live over here. Oke, not everything is perfect, but look a around a see what you have. That is much, much more then many other people in the world.

 We want to end this newsletter with a text we like very much:

“Helping other people can be a cure.

Not just for those who are in need,

But for you soul as well.

- Marinela Reka”


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