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Newsletter May 2014

Returned from Lombok. We had a wonderful time. Project goes great. We notice that, except for some minor problems that we can solve, the rules are doing fine. Also we can see the first results.

We show you a list of who is working were. Maybe one of them is sponsored before by one of you.

Sujadi: started his own little garage for motorbikes.
Ryan: secretary on a notary office.
Herman: several years already working as a security at hotel Graha.
Fitriani: several years as a waitress at hotel Graha.
Pasar: Works as a waiter at Taman, a very well known restaurant.
Daan, or official Bulan Ramdani: Works as a waitress at Asmara , also a very good restaurant..
Fatroni: Works at disco Casanova
Suheini: Works at disco Marina
Adi: also Works at disco Marina
Jamadi: Works at Quincy villa’s, a very luxery hotel.
Marhean: Works at Chandi hotel
Heru: Works at hotel/restaurant Sendok
Nurimin: is teacher at the elementary school at Duduk
Maskur: is freelance dancing teacher at several schools.
Taumi: Works as a security at disco Paragon
Nur Padjeri: Works at a pearl shop
Suriati: Works at Alberto restaurant
Huria: Works on the Gili’s (islands) in a restaurant.

For these children future already started. No, they don’t have a job in the government, because in Indonesia such a job still has to be bought and we are talking about millions (rupiah, but still to much to handle.) That’s live over there.

Again some children stopped, out of their own will or by moving out of the kampung. It looks not so nice, but we stick to our rules, the family has to live in Kampung Loco. The sponsors of these children will get their information in a personal mail.
Some children try to get permission to go to Belindo after high school. A good choice because the school is for free and they get a 95% guarantee for a job. This school of “Stichting het schone streven” is doing a great job.
Only one girl is going to try to go to University. We are starting to understand that some parents wants there children to stop after elementary, junior or high school. Compare it with live we use to know. How many parents use to tell there children to stop school and try to make some money for the family. This live is still going on in Indonesia and we (although we don’t like it) respect the choice of the parents.

There is still one problem not solved. Thanks to some great donations we could put a shower and a toilet, next to the water tank for those people who don’t have these supply in their house. But these supplies are also used by the younger people. Although they normally behave pretty well, they love to bang on the door, when one of their friends is taking a shower. Results are that we already had to renew the doors of toilet and shower for several times. On our meeting we made an agreement to find an older person, who also uses the shower, to keep an eye on everything and talks to the boys when needed. If this doesn’t work we will break down the shower and toilet. Its sounds a little bit hard but we want to put the responsibility at the people themselves. If we let them go on like this it would feel like we agree their behaviour. By breaking it down we show them that we don’t tolerate this way of behaviour.

We got again some great donations:
We sure want to tell about our anonymous sponsor, who made shure that we can have our annual diner with the staff. Thank you dear anonymous. You are great!
Ine, Wally and the kids send a donation again. Big hug and terima kasih.
This year our project was again the lucky one at the Christmas action of café restaurant In den Engel at Venray. The donation for this year was great again € 680,-. Thank you very, very much.
In the beginning of January Marion and Franck were visiting us and left a donation for the bemo. Great we can restore the small car now!
At the same time we met Anna Shaposhnikova. A nice lady who works for the Russian embassy in Jakarta on the department of education. She had a short holiday at hotel Graha. Not only did she tell us that we can send good students to her, to see if they are good enough to go to Russia, but also she left a personal donation. Thanks Anna and your lovely daughter. It was great meeting you.
Frank and Gerrie, some good friends from Adi, from our project, made a donation and within one month we got another donation from friends of them. Thanks and we do hope to meet you “live” someday!!!
Domique Heger send us a message that he would like to sponsor a child and gave at that moment already a donation. Thanks Domo.
Also mister Anonymous thanks again for the extra donation, which came with the bracelets. (Sorry, he will only understand the message)
And just a little time ago, we got a message from Eful that Andre Janssen and Ursula Groenendijk did a donation. Terima kasih banyak.

But there were more special things were we got involved with:

Mieke, mother of Suzanne Roelants, who runs a nice home stay together with her husband Opik en children Sem en Sofie in Kampung Loco, visits her daughter as much as possible. In consultation with her dentist, they decided to start a tooth brushing project in the kampung. Suzanne had two afternoons to inform the children. One time at her place “Indah Homestay” and one time at Boungs place on the beruga. This way all the children of the kampong learned how important it is to brush your teeth. You can see the pictures at face book: Proyek Kampung Loco. We love this kind of initiatives.

While we were enjoying our stay at Lombok, Joyce and Wim Sant did there utmost on the 27th of February . There was a party for all the volunteers of “de winkel van sinkel”(a second hand shop) that operates under foundation Het Zonnelied in Venray. They held a reading about Proyek Kampung Loco. Our thanks are very big for these two wonderful people, who are doing so much for our project. True ambassadors!!!!

Some times everything just fit together . As we were making a tour, together with Franck and Marion, we stopped at a small coffee house on top of the hills at the Pusukpas. Marion wanted to see the baby and at that moment we saw that the child had a harelip. The parents told us that they were trying to save money for the operation. Suddenly I realized that a group of doctors come to Lombok every year to giver these children a operation for free. We promised the parents that we would try to find out. Just one week later as we were on that tour again, we got in touch with a dentist from Holland. He has a project on Lombok too and knows the Rotary club, who organises the doctors visit. So we send him all the information about this little baby and it looks like this child is going to have a free operations.

Also we followed with a lot of interest the big project “Planet Water” from our dear friends Ishak and Ayu. For two days we joint them on their trip. The last day we were happy to meet the Bupati (regent) and the head of education of Lombok. On request of Ishak I held a speech and so I could tell about our project, but also about the information we got from Anna Shaposhnikova for students going to Russia. Now we got the information were it should be. The head of education is informed now.

It is not all about Proyek Kampung Loco. It is about the fact that people get help and no matter who is giving this help. It is very, very important.

Just back in the Netherlands still good things happenend:

On April the 10th Norman Janzen had his 40 years jubilee at Océ in Venlo. Together with his wife Joleine, he is already supporting a child in the project and many times he gave a donation for the coffee at our meetings! But this time the gifts he got from his colleagues was completely for Proyek Kampung Loco and we were invited to collect this wonderfull amount. Later we got another e-mail from him, that he got some extra donations. In total we got € 432,67! Norman and Joleine, you are wonderful people. Thank you so much.

Point Blank Tattoo & Piercing in Weert held an extra tattoo afternoon from 12 until 17 pm. On Sunday the 27th of April. We were back home and got invited too. Marsha, Madeleine and Vincent, with support of Tommy, John and Marko made beautiful tattoos that day and every penny was for the project. People who were to late to get a tattoo, still left a donation. At the end of the afternoon we got an envelop with € 1800,-. To be honest, I received it with tears in my eyes. You are a great team. Big hug for all of you!!

We just pick up our car after repair at Autobedrijf Berns at Heijen. Every bad has some good inside. He give us also a donation for the project. Thank you Jacq.

Just a short while ago we received a picture on facebook from Peter and Ursula. You can see how Cuk already started to fix the bemo. We are so proud on our team of people in Lombok. Without Eful, Cuk, Boung and Adi, we couldn’t do it.

Finally we wish to you all a wonderful, warm, caring and above all healthy summer

“It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.”
Charles Spurgeon


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