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Newsletter November 2014

Newsletter November 2014

A few more weeks to go and then we leave again to our beloved Lombok. Time passes quickly and autumn shows itself again in all its colours. So time for us to find the warmth again.

The project is doing fine and the bemo is, thanks to sponsoring, all fixed up en really beautiful. You can see the pictures on facebook at: Proyek Kampung Loco.

This year we were a little bit late with the mails to the sponsors. Sorry for that. Next year we will try very hard to start more early.

It warm our hearts to see how many people are doing there best for our project and how many great donations we have got.

In our last news letter we already mentioned a lot, but it still went on:

In our last letter we told you about Wim and Joyce Sant doing a reading for our project. Because of this reading foundation “het Zonnelied” decided to give us a beautiful donation. Thank you very much.

But for Wim and Joyce this was not enough. They had a big party and as a present they asked for a donation for foundation Impian Anak and Proyek Kampung Loco. These wonderful people are really like gold for our project and we cannot thank them enough!!!!!

Jos and Maria Janssen, ex-colleague and his wife also give a spontaneous donation. Jos is involved with our travels since 2000. In that year he kept the home front informed by internet. Also as we started the project in 2005, he and Maria stayed interested. This is so sweet of them to do.

Then there was the festival called “Eier mit Speck. Yes I know it is a crazy name, but it is also a crazy 3 days festival in Viersen Germany. On Sunday afternoon we suddenly hear the organizer of the festival telling everybody about our project in Indonesia and all vouchers left over can be donated at our stand in the evening. We were allowed to collect the vouchers and got the money for the project. Even ladies from the organisation start walking around to get more vouches. We couldn’t believe they did this. Vielen, vielen dank liebe freunden!!!

Our fan from the first moment Marcel Jeucken gave again a donation as we met him.

An ex-colleague from Océ decided to give her birthday present to the project. Thans dear Lis Verheijen.

Also anonymous mister Bob was again in Lombok and again he left a donation. Terima kasih mr. Bob and your lovely wife.

But beyond al these great donations we have the sponsors of the children. Without them this al wouldn’t be possible. They help the children year after year and make it possible that the children can study as much as they are able to. From elementary school until high school and some times even University. Without you there would be no project. We hope you all realize how deeply grateful we are for this!!!!!!

In this moment we have all the new pictures of the children on the website. If there are sponsors who want to have a new picture on the website, please send it to us.


Now the last few things before we leave. Last meetings, last visits. Ticket and visa are already in the pocket and with a super new passport, valid for 10 years, every thing should work out fine.

Off course we will write a report for our regular fans every week about the live in Lombok and how everybody is doing.

Pictures will be shown on facebook at: “Proyek Kampung Loco”.

We stay connected……………

The World is full of nice people, if you can’t find one, be one!!!!!!

……………and then we had to adjust our story. On the 2th of November Marijke becomes very sick en on the 3rd she got hospitalized. The ilness of Crohn gets her very badly. The consequence is that she gets an operation on the 13th of November were they remove a part of the colon. Bye bye trip, bye bye Indonesia. We canceled all. But everything is slowly going better and with a bit of luck we can still leave in January. Lets hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!

…..and even in hospital we get donations for the project. Thank you dear colleagues of the festival.


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