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Newsletter November 2015

Just a few weeks before we leave and so we give you the latest news.
A beautiful summer ended and leaves are falling so Autumn came.

We have our tickets ready and hope that the visa will arrive (for the first time it’s taking much longer!). If everything goes as planned we will leave at the 6th of December for a week in Thailand and hopefully after that we ‘ll be “home” in Lombok again.
The Rinjani stopped spitting ashes and the flights continue again.

It has been a beautiful but also very difficult year.
The farewell from Jeffrey in March was unbelievable, sad and not to be understood. The people who came to say goodbye to him, were warm en generous. We can take a wonderful amount for the project. Dear Jeffrey, thank you so much. Your last gift is a gift never to forget. Such a big amount, it makes us silent……….. Terima kasih banyak teman manis.

Some old colleagues from Océ did not forget us. Hetty, Margriet and Eric had there jubilee and decided that, instead of gifts, they would like a donation for the project. Dear colleagues the tribute was great. Thank you very much for this.

At the big festival named Bospop some people came spontaneous to bring us a donation. They start to know us and remembered what we are doing.

Café restaurant “In den Engel” has a new owner. But we still got the last donation for the so called “toilet” money. Carla and Peter, thank you so much for your years of support. Enjoy your leisure time. You really deserve it.

Jubilaris Hetty came to visit us together with André (also an old colleague). It was great seeing them again. As they left André just quickly handed over a donation. Thanks dear.

Joyce de Haas joins the organisation from the Pasar Gemert. Each year they have a lottery for a charity. Joyce suggested to go for Proyek Kampung Loco this year. They agreed and the lottery proceeds were for the project. A beautiful gesture. Terima kasih Pasar Gemert.

Also mister Bob and his wife visited kampung Loco again. He left a very nice donation. Thank you dear mr. Bob.

A loyal fan from the First moment, Marcel Jeucken gave a donation again. Just come to Lombok Marcel, so you get to know als those nice people!!!

At Wim and Joyce place we got a bag full of stuffed animals and other small things. This surely will be appreciate in the kampong. Thanks ambassador and your dear wife.

In august our dear neighbours Adi and Mariam from Lombok came to the Netherlands. Thanks to their Dutch friends Frank and Gerrie, who made this possible. It was great to have them here. In that period they also spend one week in our house. It is so special that they know our world now. Last week we met Frank, Gerrie, Nick and Elise and discussed and again enjoyed their stay here. Frank and Gerrie gave us a wonderful donation for the medicines. Thank you so much dear friends.

Even some sponsors gave some extra. And they already do so much!!

Lets not forget our sponsors behind de scenes: Orbis System Solutions, owned by the family Geurts, who take care of our website for many years already and always have advice if we as “expert” having a problem again. And also our regards for the family Gaspersz, who sponsor the water consumption of the watertank for the complete kampung.

In our last newsletter we let you know that in six years, now it is five years, we will stop with the support of the children to go to school. So we won’t take any new children any more. But that doesn’t mean that we cannot use new sponsors. In the years we found out that some sponsors have to stop. Something we understand and respect. We are so great full for al the years they helped us. But to help the children finish there education, it is great if we have some new sponsors. By the way our gratitude to some sponsors who’s child finished the education and they just go on with another child. We so respect that, But please don’t feel obligate to that. You already do so much!!

The project is not going to end in five years. We will support the kampung as long as possible with medicine and doctor and hospital visits and everything else the little village needs. As long as we manage we will go on.

As from Lombok we don’t get many news. But we know that from other years. No problem we go and look for our selves what is going on. Our story every week will be only in Dutch (so sorry), but the pictures will be on Facebook. If you don’t have facebook use the link below on the left of our website

For now: have a very peaceful Christmastime and a smashing 2016!!!!

The only thing that grows if you share is LOVE………..


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