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Newsletter December 2016

So we’re living already in December, the month of presents, parties, reflections and looking at the new year.

This year everything went well and in August Nick, Elise, Daisy and Djariah (the family of Jeffrey) visited the kampung. Over there they opened the new community centre (on behalf of Jeffrey). We are very happy that this building, also with the great donation of Jan Houwen, is realized. It is already in use for meetings and even for extra control for the babies. At last there is a place were everybody is welcome. In January we are going to take a look for our self. We are so curious.

In Lombok everything remains calm, but that doesn’t mean there are no problems. Communication is always difficult.

The contribution for the sponsorship are complete for 95%. Thank you every body.

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to some sponsors. It looks like a very difficult year for many people. We noticed not only by the sponsors who stopped, but also with the fact that we almost got no donations for the medications. But this problem is not only ours. We hear this from other projects too. But we don’t give up. Only when we spent the last penny, we will have to disappoint the children. Untill that we go on!!!

We still have some years to go for the children who go to school and we really want to and have to finish this story. Lucky for us, most of the sponsors realize this and really remain loyal to us. So we are going to focus on the positive things that are happening:

We had several sponsors who, despite there common support, even donated something extra. That is so sweet. They already do so much!!!

Sjef van der Ligt did a wonderful donation again. Thank you.

Marcel Jeuken will never forget us and again this year, we got a donation. You are a super fan!!

At the festivals like, Bospop and Eier mit Speck, people spontaneous came to us for a donation. Big thanks to all of you.

Even Mr. Bob and his lovely wife were in Lombok again. They gave a donation for the medicine directly to Boung. Terima kasih banyak.

In the last moment we get a wonderful donation from Gerrie and Frank van der Hoeve. They are great people.

And after that a donation from Sjon and Lizette Duijf, two really lovely people we just met, but already feel like very close friends. Thank you.

And after publishing this letter, our dear friends Wally and Ine, send a donation. Thanks our dear friends.

Let’s hope that we can manage next year for medication and doctor visit for the people of the kampong. Every kind of donation is still welcome!!!!!

Our demand for pens is not forgotten. Tanja, Mike, Herm and Lea, you are wonderful. Thanks a lot for the pens. We can help this school.  

In the beginning of Januar 2017 we will go for Lombok again. Now for a period of 2 months. Enough time to make photo’s from the children and have our meetings with the men to make our plans for next year. Last year we had really problems with the heat (the temperature felt like 45 degrades), so we wonder how to deal with the heat this year. Just complaining about the weather is not going to change a thing. We just have to learn to accept what it is. That’s the Indonesian way of living.

We will write a report like usual but, sorry it will be in Dutch. Now and then we will put some photo’s on the facebooksite.

So we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a lovely, happy and healthy 2017.

No matter how hard it is, just keep going
Because you only fail when you give up…………..


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