Proyek Kampung Loco

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The beautiful story of Andrea

A few months ago, we got an e-mail of Andrea Di Tonto. Who is Andrea Di Tonto. Well we’ll soon found out. Andrea is an Italian, living in Ireland. He had a job at Google, Ireland, but decided that he wanted to see some parts of the world, so he left in the directions of Asia. After some wandering around he ended up in Lombok at Mandalika’s homestay, owned by our friend Martin. There was a very nice room boy working. Yes right our own Sahur (for the real Lombokfans Boung). He took Andrea to his kampung and ‘poor’ Andrea got the same problem we had years before. He felt strongly in love with kampong Loco. Because of Boung he also got the story of our project and he liked what they told him. He was so impressed that he decided to do something whit this story. So this is the story. Our site got an Italian translation. For the complete story check on: He even put a link to our site on Google. If you look on Google under:
indonesia help
kampung loco
kampung loco kids
He even started an action on his own in Italy and Ireland, with the spectacular result of 1.850 euro to spend for the bemo. We are totally overwhelmed by the things this man spontaneously started. With the help of some friends, Antonio in Italy and Pascalle (a Dutch girl, living in Ireland) he collected in Italy and Ireland. On top of this he decided to become the sponsor of Nur, the oldest daughter of Sahur, who is in Junior High School at the moment. We are so lucky with this man. We can hardly believe that somebody spontaneously chooses for our project. Unfortunately we haven’t met him jet, but we hope this will happen some day in the future.

Andrea you are great, thank you, thank you very much for your incredible help and support.

For the list of all national and international names check: Bemo

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