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Wayne and Wanda Walz contribute a nice amount

Dear friends,

For now the latest news. As you can see, the site is up-to-date and you can follow al the new messages of the project. Also you will see new photo's every month.

The next month we will send all sponsors a personal mail. We just waited a moment because of (Dutch) carnival. But we got a lot of very nice messages of people, who spontaneous offered themselves as sponsor.

The next year we can send new children to elementary school. So this part is doing very well.

All children, who are now going to junior high school are also all sponsored. We are very pleased that this is also continued.

Also for medicine the donations are going very well. So this part is okay too.

Yesterday we collected a letter by post from two very nice people from America, including a sponsoring (see attached). We realized that we have to hurry up with our translation to English. We are lucky to find son Chico willing to start translating.

So Wayne and Wanda Walz, thank you very, very much for this great contribution. We will spend the money correctly.


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