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Nieuwsbrief januari 2012

Allemaal uiteraard nog de allerbeste wensen voor het nieuwe jaar, vol liefde, gezondheid en vertrouwen gaan we het jaar in!!!

Morgen gaan we………………


Newsletter November 2011

And then for a moment the world stopped turning…………………
On sundaynight the 30ste of Oktober, Joep got a hartattack.
In short: it happenend in the ambulance, so everything was there to help him quickly. After that they took him to the hospital in Eindhoven were he got 2 stents.


Newsletter September 2011

And did everybody had a great holiday, relaxed and enjoyed? We hope that you all had the holiday you dreamed of. Oké, the weather wasn’t perfect but the weather is what it is and we just have to deal with it.

Now festival season has finished. It was a wonderful and great time. In between also a lot

of things happened with the project. Please let us inform you.


Newsletter June 2011

It took a while, but we are back again. The time in Indonesia went very quick. It was a rewarding time, but sometimes also hard. The more we know about the country and the way the people live, the harder it becomes to understand everything. But we go on trying. We remain watching, sometimes we keep silent, sometimes we have the handle the problems and we have to learn to find the way between does two.


Newsletter 16th of February 2011

Now a newsletter from Lombok. It wasn’t quiet at this site. We make a long report, but sorry to say, it is too long to translate in English. So for our international friends we tell in this newsletter what happened.


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