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Newsletter the 23th of November 2009

Now you receive a newsletter from Lombok. As most of you know, we live in Lombok since the 22 of October. Living here is great and more and more it becomes home.

Some last information about our project:

  • We checked the administration and we had to make Cuk a big compliment. He did a great job.
  • The bemo is suporting it self and becomes a small saving pot, maybe some day for a new bemo or a second bemo. Anyway it is enough and we don’t have to spend any money for the car.
  • With the medicine everything is fine and we now even support doctorsvisit 2 times. (further information in the report, which shall be translated as soon as possible).
  • The garbage collecting was unfortunatelly no succes. The agreement Cuk made with the company didn’t work. Cuk payed in time, but they came to late or not at all. Now everything is back in the river, but there will be a second attempt.

We had our First meeting:

  • The boys made a contract for all the parents of the children who go to junior-highschool, highschool and university. The parents sign for the obligation that they will send there children to school and they will pay back if the children stop going to school. This is an extra push to make shure they do their very best. Of course if a child has to leave school out of force majeure, they don’t have to pay anything back.
  • We also have some problems with a father of one family. We are going to have a talk with him.
  • Eful tells us that we forget to mention the names of sponsors who came to him, last year. He wants their names in the newsletter, so the sponsors will see that we know about the sponsoring. We understand his problem and we appologize that we didn’t think about it. We will mention the names in this newsletter.
  • We got an amount of the company that gave us the laptops last year. Every child that made a drawing would receive € 25,-.  This is a big amount so we shall hand it over to the children in front of their parents. (see the report)
  • We agree, if necesary we will have an other meeting in the next few months.

Below mentioned people were so kind to leave a gift in Lombok.

Bob en Mytie
Martin Peters
Nick and Elise
Anneke and Mart
Ton and Diny
Marcus Weindegger (Zwitserland)
Omar (Italië)
Benjamin, Petra and Chevanne
From the gift from Omar and the Family Van Duren it was possible to build a mandi (shower) and a toilet, next to the watertank. The people use them every day and specially in a dry period, we had 2 weeks ago, were many people had no water, they were very happy with this support. Great to see, THANKS A LOT!!!!
An interview, given by Andrea di Tonto for an Italian magazine in Bali, gave a support of 500.000 ruphia.

The next few months we wil start with making the new picture’s of all the children.

One family of 4 children decided to go out of the project. A choice of the father. (See the report)

To arrange every thing, we have much more time now and that makes us happy. Last year we had to do everything within 5 weeks. So we had to push sometimes. But now we can arrange everything quit relaxed and that works much easier.

Next weeks we are going to start with English lessons for all the children and even adults, if they want. The owner of Bumi Aditya gave us permission to use his restaurant. How many times the lessons take place depends on the number of students we will get.

Any way everything is all right in the kampung and his people. Also we feel all right. It feels like a gift to live here. Although it is almost Christmas time, we cannot imagine with this hot weather.  It suppose to be rain season now, but there a days that we don’t get a drop and if it rains it takes only a few hours and then the sun makes everything dry again within a moment.

The only bad thing of being here at the moment is the fact that last year around Christmastime, there were some great actions to collect money for our project. Now it is a lot harder to motivate the people every where, specially when you are here in Lombok.

But if you know some body who wants to do a good thing in Christmas time, please show them our site:

If you want to see how we are doing then check on : “reports”. It is only in Dutch on the moment, but we will try to make a translation as soon as possible. We apologize.

We don’t know when we will send a newsletter again so for now:

All sponsors and people who gave their hart to the proyek:
Thank you for your great support last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Without you there would be no project.
We wish for all of you a lovely and warm 2010
And may all your dreams become true (our dream already did!!)

Extra news: While we allready made our newsletter, we got the following news via Wim, Café and restaurant “In den Engel” from Venray, The Netherlands, will again have a Christmas and Newyears action voor our Project. This already for the 2nd time. We are overwhelmed and very gratefull..  
Terima kasih banyak!!!!!

Also an extra word of thanks to Wim and Joyce, who are doing their very best for our project.


Newsletter September 19 2009

It took some time but here is again a newsletter for our dear sponsors and other friends.
Holidays are over and every body is working or studying again.
It was a great summer and many, many sponsors visited the kampung, but First some other information.


Newsletter May 19 2009

Again we have a lot of good news. Although it took some time, we promised you the story and photos from school De Koempoelan, Purmerend and also another school did a real super action for our project. School De Keg from Venray decided in February that they wanted to do a kind of “children for children”project.

Open house 22 of March 2009

On Sunday the 22 of March we had an open house for all sponsors and people who are interested in our project. “De leste Geulde” welcomed us all and there was a nice room available for us.


Open dag 22 maart

Wij gaan een open dag organiseren voor alle sponsors, vrienden, kennissen en andere geïnteresseerden. Voel u vrij om te komen, iedereen is welkom!!!!

Wel graag even laten weten of u ook daadwerkelijk komt.


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