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Newsletter 25 November

Dear sponsors, dear friends,

We are back home one week now, but not yet completely landed (It always takes some time before we are really back in real feelings).
Just let us tell about all what happened, because I don't think everybody read the complete report.

Tuesday 14th October 2008

We are still 4 days left of going home again. Yes, it really feels like going home. It is like it took much longer this time. Part of it because we had a very busy, crazy but also a beautiful summertime. Almost every weekend we had a festival, multicultural or with music. And again we met a lot of wonderful people and got new friends. We even made a little money. This gives us hope, realizing that next year we have to live from the profit we make on festivals. Okay, we will have less to spend, but we get freedom instead and that is worth it.


20 en 21 september, Open dagen Dhruva

Zaterdag 20 en zondag 21 september zijn er open dagen bij Yoga Studio Dhruva in Venlo.

Zaterdagochtend is er een yoga marathon; een serie van 108 zonnegroeten tegen sponsoring. En, jawel hoor, de opbrengst van deze sponsoraktie gaat naar Proyek Kampung Loco.

Uiteraard wensen we Peter van Duren en Sebastiaan Vondenhoff heel veel succes met de zonnegroeten, en alvast heel erg bedankt voor deze spontane aktie!

Voor meer informatie over de open dagen en de sponsoraktie:

download de flyer van Yoga Studio Dhruva

of bekijk de website


News August 2008

Dear sponsors,

Let us give you the latest news. Family Geurts just returned from Lombok and they felt homesick already after one day in Holland. What a stories, we recognize all things and it feels as if we were there too.
Sorry, their travel stories on our website are only available in Dutch, but you can watch their photo's with the reports. We hope someday we have a translation of everything.
Anyway the family Geurts is also caught by the 'Kampung Loco' virus.

Vakantie, Peter, Marianne, Tom en Anique Geurts

Het heeft even geduurd, maar uiteindelijk is het verslag nu toch af, aangevuld met heel veel foto's!

Lees meer...


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