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Newsletter May 2014

Returned from Lombok. We had a wonderful time. Project goes great. We notice that, except for some minor problems that we can solve, the rules are doing fine. Also we can see the first results.


Newsletter November 2013

Autumn has come and our festival season has come to an end. We are preparing again to go to Lombok. Over the last months we had to search a lot to find back all the mail addresses from the sponsors. The last one we found just 3 weeks ago. We still had this problem because we were hacked in January. Thanks to every one for sending your full address to us. This is not going to happen to us again (I hope). So for now we almost got all de donations for this year.


Newsletter March 2013

It is hard for me to start this newsletter. Did I write in November, that we had to say goodbye to a dear friend. Just 5 months later and after 2 months Indonesia, we are back in the Netherlands on the 11th of February to say goodbye to another dear friend, our beloved May. Lucky for us we still had 3 wonderful days to see and talk to her, before she closed her eyes for ever on the 13th. A person, who meant a lot to us and in our harts she will live forever.


Newsletter November 2012

So now it is already November. This was a difficult year for us. A lot of things happened, but more in our private life then in the project. The most difficult thing to do was saying goodbye to Marijke’s dearest friend Riets. After a friendship from 47 years it is hard to say goodbye. She was a wonderful person in all of her simplicity. The beautiful memories will stay. Nobody can take those away. 


Newsletter May 2012

On the 8 of April we arrive back in the Netherlands. The weather is cold en grey, but after months of extreme heat, specially the last days in Bangkok, it is not so bad to be a little bit cold.


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