Monday 20-10-2008


We get out of bed on time, have a shower and go for breakfast.
Fresh fruit is waiting for us and we enjoy our breakfast.
After breakfast I jump into the swimming pool. Joep will come in a minute… he says. An hour later, I go looking for him, he is in the room, lies on the bed, and sleeps.
We send an sms to Dewa. Dewa is an Balinese boy working as a tourist guide. He speaks Dutch fluently, and is a good friend of family Geurts. Using e-mail he has helped Marianne Geurts and me  frequently with problems we had with our lessons Bahasa Indonesia. I consider him a bit as our guru, but have never met him.
We plan to meet each other in the evening and have diner together at Kopipot, a nice restaurant in Kuta.
After that, we leave the hotel, with a big bag.
We know exactly where we have to be, we are going to do some shopping for our little company. In the shop it is very hot and we sweat terribly.
It always takes some time to get used to the tropical temperature.
After we placed an order in the shop, we stroll on. We realize we have seen it all, some shops disappear, make place for other shops, but we don’t see any new things.
Then we stop, sit down and have a drink. No bad idea! The waiter is acting very popular, “Hy mate”. This is an “Australian” bar.
As we have a chat with the waiter, he appears to come from Lombok, he starts acting less “popular” and we have a nice conversation.
Just like our neighbor Adi, he married a Balinese wife. One difference, he stayed in Bali, Adi took his wife Mariam  to Lombok.
The waiter visits Lombok once a year, after Ramadan, but he likes living on Bali. That is mainly because of the good bond he has with his father in law.  Familybonds in Indonesia are very close and very important.

We walk back to our hotel and take a little nap before we go to have diner with Dewa.
We jalan kaki (walk) to Kopipot.
Everyone welcomes us as if we are old friends. Madé, one of the waiters we have known for years allready, is not in yet, but they promise we will meet him later in the evening.
Dewa comes in a few minutes later. We are stunned by this knowledge of the Dutch language. He speaks Dutch fluently, and he knows a lot about our little country. Even more than we do…
We have a nice evening, and he gives us some good tips concerning buying a bemo.
Then Madé walks in, and we talk with him about the past year.
A very nice evening, but we can’t wait until tomorrow, then we are going home…