Thursday 23-10-2008

Yesterday evening was too late for us. We are not young people anymore…
So we get out of bed late. We plan to relax at the Graha swimming pool, but when we go outside, we see dark clouds, so we think it will start raining soon.
We change our plans and start working at the travel reports. Towards the end of the afternoon, we walk to the beach, Marijke holding hands with Ana.
A lot of boys from the kampong join us. Because almost every day before sunset they play soccer at the beach.
When we arrive at the beach, there are not so many soccer players present, so we wait, enjoying a nice breeze from the see. As soon as a boy arrives with a ball, the play can begin.
As we are sitting there, talking to local people, some tourists from Holland join us. We have a nice conversation with the couple from Aalsmeer (we think their names are Henk and Tiny). Of course we tell them about the proyek, and give them a “business card” of the proyek.
Busy talking, we didn’t realize the soccer players already left. It is dark, the beach is empty.
We walk back home, pick up our motor and go for dinner.
As we just finished eating, we meet Andrea, have a drink together and greet a lot of people who walk by. We enjoy watching a little girl, about 3 years old, acting like a real waitress in the restaurant. She is hard working, all napkins are being collected, put on a different table and so on.
At 23.00 we decide to visit the internet café, to check our mail and the guestbook on the website.
We get a warm feeling from all the messages in the guestbook. Meanwhile we have a chat with Marianne. It is almost as if she can smell us sitting at the internet café…