Proyek Kampung Loco

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Saturday 25-10-2008

Yesterday we asked Andrea to join us today for bemo-shopping. We want to leave at 09.00 and we know, for Andrea, this is like leaving in the middle of the night. He told to leave without him if he wouldn’t be present at 09.00 (in that case it would have been too hard to get out of bed…).
But just in time we see him walking up the path towards the kampung. He gets a spontaneous applause. We are waiting for Eful and Cuk, they will arrange transport. A few minutes later they arrive by bemo. Great, we will do bemo-shopping with a bemo…
Our first destination is an office where we can get information about the licences you need for a bemo.  When you buy a bemo, you can of course use it for transporting students, but, if you want to earn money with it, use it for public transport, you need a special license.
And the number of licences is limited, to avoid getting too many bemos on the road, and the bemo-drivers have not enough clients anymore.
A licence has a validity of 5 years. If someone has a license, but doesn’t have a bemo anymore, you can buy the “second-hand”-license.
LLAJR (Lalu Lintas Angkutan Jalan Raya), register the licenses.
We were told so by Dewa from Bali, last week. Now we want to check this story. When we arrive at the office, we see it has moved. Someone gives us the new address. At the new address we find an office, but only for bemos from Mataram. We need to visit another office. So we take the bemo to the 3rd address. And this is not our lucky day, usually the office is opened until 12.30. Only today the person we need left earlier, for some ceremony.
And there is no one else in the office that can help us.
Tomorrow it is Sunday, then they are closed. We can come back on Monday. So, 3 offices and 2 hours later, we’re back where we started.
But also this is Indonesia. Tidak apa apa, it doesn’t matter.
We decide to find some dealers, at least we can get some information about prices of the bemo. The only problem is, that without a license, we cannot earn any money with a bemo, and we need money to keep the bemo on the road. It needs fuel, service, maintenance etc.
This we want to earn by using the bemo for public transport in the hours it is not needed for the students.
We go to a big Suzuki-dealer. A seller takes Marijke to a big expensive car.  
So we have to explain him that we are looking for a bemo. There is a pick-up next to the big car. That is what we need. These pick–ups can be converted into a bemo. The pick-up has a heavy motor, we don’t need it, so we ask for the simple, cheaper model. The dealer can sell that type, but when we hear the price we are not happy…
Of course we knew the price would be higher than last year, that’s what we calculated when we started the bemo-sponsoring.
We also found a pricelist on the internet, a day before we left, but it appears to be a pricelist of 2005. So we have to negotiate…
After a discussion about cash back (discount in case you pay cash), the seller starts laughing. That usual in Bali, this is Lombok!
As we tell him that we can also buy the bemo in Bali, he explains to us why we cannot. All bemos have to be checked every 6 months, for security.
And when we buy the bemo in Bali, we have to go back to Bali every 6 months.
We explain the seller why we need a bemo, tell him about the proyek, about the way we collected the money. This helps a bit, we get 1 million rupia discount. Joep and Andrea walk outside, and both act like they are talking to someone (a boss) using their mobile phones. They look very serious, and keep talking to a silent phone. It works, the seller is impressed, and he raises the discount to 3 million.
But that is not enough, still € 500 too expensive.
We tell him we need time to think about it. This price is set until October 31.
Then we visit another dealer. There we start with the discount price from dealer 1. Well, the seller is clear. No way we can buy a bemo with him at that price. Also the delivery time with dealer 2 is much longer. The delivery time at dealer 1 is 2,5 weeks. 
There is one more Suzuki dealer on Lombok, but it is in east-Lombok, it is a small one, and is sure not willing to give us more discount.
We want to think it over, next Monday we first have to visit the license office. Then maybe we can make a decision.
On our way back we stop at Mataram Mall, just to have a drink.
We are surprised, Mataram Mall doubled it’s surface-area.
There even is a parking-lot with an elevator. As we say this must be the first elevator in Lombok, the boys tell us we are wrong. Mataram Hospital also has an elevator…
After a nice refreshment, and a Mataram Mall tour for Andrea (it is the first time he visits Mataram Mall), we go home. 
The sky is turning dark again, and in Senggigi it has rained a lot already.
We go home, have a rest. Then Sareah comes, asks if we want to join them to the center of Senggigi, to see a wedding ceremony on the street.
Of course we want to. We take the motor and rush to the center. But there is nothing, quiet. No wedding. Then we see Kartini and Sareah. Maaf, sorry, the ceremony is in one hour. Then we decide to go to the internet café, to check e-mail. When we are almost finished, Sareah found us again, the ceremony is coming, we have to hurry. We drive to Graha Hotel, where the ceremony starts. Young boys in beautiful traditional outfits are waiting. Then there is music, a lot of bridesmaids and of course a very serious bride and groom with lots of family.
The boys start to dance, beautiful! Andrea (who stays at Graha Hotel) and we enjoy the ceremony. When it is over, we have a cup of coffee with Andrea. Then there still some work to do.
Type the reports of Thursday and Friday.
After work, we have diner and go to the internet café, to put the stories on the internet. As soon as we are online, Marianne finds us for a chat, and of course to read our stories before anyone else.
Then at once, we are chatting with 4 friends. Nice, but confusing…
We close the connection walk home, and as Joep gets some Money from the ATM, I see Mohni is in the office. Mohni is also chatting…with Marianne. Marijke tells her (by chat) she is everywhere in Senggigi…
Mohni is laughing about it. We have a talk with Mohni about the possibility to use his internet-connection. We suggest we can share the costs, so Eful can use the connection to contact us more often, for instance using Skype. 
He is a bit overwhelmed, so we say, “Just think about it.”
We hope he will agree, because it would be very useful to have more contact with Eful, to discuss the proyek and keep the information up-to-date.
It’s already late, we drive home. It is Saturday-evening, very busy, and we meet Boung at the path to Loco. He tells us Cuk has “Security-duty”. Together with 25 other people from villages in the neighborhood they check the area from Batu Bulayar until the other end of Senggigi. If something happens (vandalism, fighting), they try to solve it. They don’t need police, they try to handle it themselves. Luckily up till now, they never needed to interfere. The fact that there is a “citizen-security” usually is enough for the youngsters to keep quiet…  According to Boung it is “good control”.
For us it is time to go to bed, tomorrow is our day off!!!!