Proyek Kampung Loco

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Sunday 26-10-2008

Unbelievable, we have a day off.
So we can get out of bed whenever we want, and have a quiet time at our house. A bit cleaning, washing, yes, even on Sunday, and sit outside.
Mariam’s mother and brother come to say Goodbye. Adi told us a “secret”; he is happy they go home, not because of his mother in law, but for Mariam’s brother. He is 16 years old, and not a quiet boy… And Adi likes quietness.
Together with his brother Ossie, Adi takes mother and brother to Lembar Harbour, where they take the ferry to Bali. Together with a lot of presents for the family in Bali they leave.
We take a few quiet moments to write the travel report of yesterday. Reading stories of previous days, we always realize we forget a lot of nice details. But it is not easy to describe the Lombok life to people who never visited Lombok.     
Example: Every morning you can see chicken messing around, we see Sane with her cow, tying the cow with a rope to one of the coconut-trees, where there still is some fresh grass for the animal.
Calfs run around loose, they won’t leave their mothers.
The children go to school in their nice uniforms (not today. Now it is Sunday). With clean faces, hairs still wet. 
Women of the kampung walk on and on with cans of water to get enough water for the day.  While filling the cans at the watertank, they can talk to the other women.
Younger children run around, or are being carried close to their mothers in a slendang.
Men who have a job leave the kampung on their motors or walk to Senggigi to take a bemo on the main road.
Some women also go to the mainroad, carrying big  cane baskets on their heads.
They take a bemo to Ampenan, to visit the market.
And all of this at 6 or 7 in the morning. Outside it still is nice and cool.
Neighbor Mariam starts sweeping our yard with an old-fashioned (but not in Lombok) broom made of little branches. 
Then they start washing, a lot of women together, usually near a well. In the meantime they have time to share some stories or the village-news of the day.
The children play with marbles underneath the coconut trees, play hide and seek and so on. Cats and dogs run around. No one is troubling another.
Everyone who passes our house gently says Hello, and the youngest children get scared when they see me, orang putih dengan mata biru; human with white skin and blue eyes. They explained to me the children are frightened of the blue eyes, and as I see only dark eyes in Lombok, I can imagine that.
Adi and Ossie already got back from Lembar. We planned to go for a walk, but we end up at our neighbor’s for a nice cup of kopi tubruk (traditional coffee, very good). Again we have enough things to talk about!
Adi is curious about family-relations in Holland. If children are/feel responsible for their parents. We tell him about old peoples homes in Holland. He doesn’t understand it, and for us it is not easy to explain…
In the meantime I visit June’s shop, for roti dan air (bread and water). On the way to the shop I can practice Bahasa Indonesia, Indonesian language. The past year I practiced a lot in Holland, now I’m improving, but I realize I still have a lot to learn.
So this was another afternoon, and it is time for main bola (playing soccer). We walk to the beach with Adi and Mariam. At 5 there usual are a lot of people playing soccer at the beach, barefooted, and really fanatical.
This time we really watch the soccer. And it surprises us everyone is so serious. But nevertheless it is big fun, they really enjoy themselves, sometimes they have to dive into the sea to get the ball.
The game automatically stops when it is too dark to play on, and everyone returns to their home. Adi has a stomach ache, he just had dinner before playing soccer…
When we are home, we take the motor and drive to Senggigi for dinner.
Tonight we want to try Angel, we got this address from family Geurts. And it is Sunday, Cak Poer is closed today. Angel is a nice restaurant, with the same atmosphere Mata Hari used to have before. Once Mata Hari  was our favorite place, but not anymore. We don’t like the waiter, he is rude, acts overdone. We don’t like it anymore. 
At Angel’s we have a great diner, and it appears in the kitchen works the little nice sweet girl, that used to cook at Mata Hari’s. She welcomes us and promises to make us a good old Iced Coffee tomorrow. So we will have to come back…clever girl!
Proud, because we are so far with our travel reports, we visit the internet café. Our usual place is closed today, so we visit Millennium. That was not a good idea! Our USB-stick needs to be formatted according to the system. Nothing works anymore.
Now all our fans and readers have to wait one more day.
We drive back home and see a huge crowd near Cuk’s house. The house is full, at the open door some men are watching inside, and a few boys made something like a stage they are sitting on. They are all watching Grand Prix for motors on Cuk’s television.
We drive our own Grand Prix, with our motor on the steep path to our house.
There we try to find out what’s wrong with the USB-stick. It’s not good, it really needs to be formatted.
We put the stories on the stick again, and also type the report for today.
That’s fast!
Tomorrow we go bemo-licence-shopping again, this is the end of our “holiday-day”.