Proyek Kampung Loco

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Monday 27-10-2008

Indonesia is Indonesia, and here everything works different than you would expect. We are getting used to that. Read this story and try to understand it…
We are on our way to the license-office. When we get there, Joep and Eful go inside. After 5 minutes they come out. The story is as follows:
No new licenses are sold, but we can buy the license from someone who doesn’t have a bemo anymore. In that case we have to take the bemo to the office. There the car will be registered. After that the car needs a technical check. Also if it is a new one.
Then the office will give you new license-plates with the license..
On Lombok the usual license-plates are black, with white characters. Bemos have a yellow plate with black characters.
Well, this is clear, so we can visit the dealer to order a new bemo.
When we come there, the man we spoke to last time, the boss is not present. A young lady, who works here as a seller, comes to help us. She tells Eful a long story, and we don’t understand anything of it.
Eful gets up, walks outside and starts talking to Cuk and the bemo-driver.
I don’t feel very relaxed. Something is wrong.
Then Eful comes back and starts as usual; “Okay, it is like this”. The lady told him it is not easy to get a license transferred to another bemo, and it takes at least 3 months. She knows from someone else, he’s waiting almost 3 months now for the license.    
And the license also costs 11 million rupiah, about € 900.
This way the bemo is getting more and more expensive.
We talk and talk, it’s not easy. We want to use the money we collected from sponsors as good as possible, but this starts to become a never ending story.
We all think the best thing to do is try to find a good second-hand bemo with a license.
For that we have enough money also to fix up the bemo, and we will have some money left. The license is no problem, it already belongs to that bemo.
Then the dealer- boss comes, he calls us back and tries to sell us the bemo. The girl explains to him about the extra time and costs if we buy a bemo without a license. The boss acts angry: I don’t know about that, I only sell cars. As we walk outside we can see how the nice lady gets a reprimand from her boss.
Her honesty is the cause we don’t buy the bemo. It’s strange, sometimes I don’t trust things people say, but there are also cases like this, where people are really honest.
The bemo-driver who is joining us, already asked Eful if he can become the driver of the new bemo. We like the idea, up till now he has been a great help to us. He has given us some good advices.
In case he will work for the proyek, we want to do it in this way:
He is responsible for getting the children on school and home in time, and for free. In between, he can do public transport between Senggigi and Ampenan.
The money he earns with this, will be used for fuel. From the rest, 50% is for him, 50% for the proyek.
We can save that money for maintenance of the bemo. The driver is responsible for keeping the bemo clean and tidy.
All other costs for service and maintenance are to the proyek.
As we drive back, Joep and I talk about the change of plans. We both realize we start to understand Indonesia a little bit better. We are getting more flexible. Eful asks us if we want to go home or some other place. I would like to go home, to bed. I don’t feel very well, have a cold. Strange, it is 30 degrees!    
But we decide to take the “bamboo street”. A street with a lot of little companies where they make bamboo furniture.
We are looking for a little table and some chairs to put on our terrace. 
The furniture is all made of bamboo, but that makes it quite big, and it appears we are not looking for bamboo, but for cane or rattan.
In the middle of the bamboo companies, we find a rattan company. We find a nice set, but it is too expensive. So we decide to go home. Between Ampenan and Senggigi we find another rattan company.
And they have a set just the way we want it. Joep can negotiate a bit about the price, so after a while we can put ourselves and the little table and 2 chairs into the bemo.
When we get home, I jump into bed immediately. Joep reads a book and enjoys the quietness.
At 4.00 I get out of bed and see Cuk, who feels as bad as I do, got some medicine for himself and for me. I take some and relax. This afternoon we have several electricity failures. You get used to it on Lombok. As we sit on our terrace on the new chairs, talking to Adi, Boung comes to get us. The first bemo-for-sale is waiting for us.
Joep and Adi are going to see the bemo very thoroughly. It is from 2005, 40.000 kilometers. Joep checks the tires, motor, creeps under the car, drives  a short distance, and the car really looks good. We already decided in case we are serious about a car, we will go to a service station to have the car completely checked up. We want to know what we are buying. We also will visit the police and license office, to be sure the seller is legally owner of the car, and to be sure the bemo-license is officially. We realize we are spending money donated by other people, and we don’t want to make mistakes.
The owner of the car promises to come back tomorrow, to let us know the price of the bemo.  So we’ll have to wait until tomorrow.
We are going to have diner at Angel’s, after that visit the internet café to put the stories on the internet at last. But again it doesn’t work, the story on the stick changed into strange characters, unreadable. As we try to e-mail to family Geurts there won’t be a new story today, we have another electricity failure.    
So we just have to wait until electricity comes back again…
Then we send the e-mail, do some shopping and go home.
On Boung’s bruka there is Boung with some friends. They ask us to join them, have a drink. It is nice, but after one drink we go back home, I still don’t feel very well, so I go to bed early.