Tuesday 28-10-2008

Joep en Marijke
In the morning we have breakfast at our terrace. The sun is shining, what makes us remind that we wanted to buy a kind of sunscreen-roller-blind made of rattan, to keep the sun away from the terrace and out of our house.
During breakfast the virus scanner is busy cleaning our laptop.
We had some problems to send the stories using our memory stick.
But we have another stick, maybe this one will be better.
We haven’t seen Andrea for 3 days. Maybe he’s wandering through Lombok.
Early in the afternoon we send the travel stories and afterwards drive to Pasar Sini. It’s a small square in Senggigi with little kiosks, where they sell all kinds of souvenirs. As we park the motor, people come to welcome us. They ask us if we already met Made. Made is a cousin of Kartini. He sells clothes, and every year he sells something to Marijke.
While people in Europe probably sit behind their desk, next to the heating, we drive with the motor, trying to catch a breeze, and looking for a place to have a drink.
But then we get another phone call from Cuk. There is another bemo for sale, we can have a look at it. We drive back to the Kampung and see it is the bemo we used for 2 days. The chauffeur told his boss we were looking for a bemo, the boss wanted to sell the bemo.
At first sight, the bemo looks worse than the one we saw yesterday.
This one needs 3 new tires. They are completely worn out. The steering is not working fine, the engine starts badly, it’s older and has driven much more kilometres than the other one.
According to the license plate it needs official check-up in 2 months. We ask the price and tell the chauffeur we will let him know what we decide.
We have to wait for more bemos to be offered, we think some more will come, news gets around quickly in Lombok.
Already several times we have seen Berry, from Berry’s Café, but always when we were rushing to some place. So now we are going to visit him.
After 5 minutes the playing cards appear. A few years ago we taught him the Dutch card-game “Pesten”. He now has an Italian or Spanish variant of this game.
Some years ago we spent hours in his place to play cards with him and his staff. But then we started the Proyek, and usually were to busy…
But now it is pouring with rain, and we can enjoy the card-game.
At 05.00 it is dry outside, we walk to Berry’s neighbours. There’s a new shop, opened 24 hours a day. We meet the owner, and Marijke starts talking to her in Bahasa Indonesia. Joep is just standing there, wondering what they are talking about, Joep doesn’t speak Bahasa Indonesia very well yet.
Marijkes lessons in Bahasa Indonesia start to bear fruit.
After that we have diner, and early in the evening we are home, where we watch a DVD on the laptop we brought from Holland.
A relaxed evening…