Wednesday 29-10-2008

Joep en Marijke
We intended to get up early today to see the kids going to school, but at 06.00 we turn around in our beds, and have 2 more hours of sleep.
In the morning we watch pictures of our stay of last year, together with Adi and Mariam. Revive old memories of Nick and Elise, Maan and Monique, Wim and Joyce, Roy and Adrie, who all stayed in Lombok in the same period in 2007. We especially think of Joyce. We got an e-mail from Wim, Joyce has had a surgery on her knee. That didn’t work out the way is was supposed to be, now her knee aches a lot, and recovery will take quite a while.
Joyce, from Lombok, also on behalf of your sponsor-child Yunus, we wish you a soon recovery, and we hope, next May or June, you will be able to visit Lombok again!
Today we plan to go for a walk. At the moment we want to leave, Boung comes to get us. Andrea is sitting at Boung’s house on the bruka, and we must have a cup of coffee together.
Okay, we haven’t seen Andrea during the last 3 days, so time for some talking.
Well, the talking takes 5 hours. After a while hujan, rain starts. And not a bit of rain. Even if we would run the 20 meters to our house, we would be soaking wet.
All children come from school, wet…
On the bruka with Eful, Andrea, Boung and Sareah, we talk about the problems in the world, and in these few hours we can solve them all!
Cuk also joins us.
Boung checks the river next to his house. A few minutes later he is in the water up to his knees, making sure branches and rubbish floats away with the water. Another half an hour later he changed clothes and is ready to go to his work at Mandalika Homestay.
As the rain gets less, we cross the little rivers that now are streaming on the paths and walk home.
Strange, in Lombok no one is complaining about the weather. You can’t change the weather, so why bother about it?  
Because of the heavy rains, these days we have at least 2 electricity failures a day. Also something no one is complaining about. A good lesson for us, Dutch people…
As we want to leave to have diner, Adi is sitting outside wearing a coat. It’s cold, he says. We just like this temperature, not so hot anymore. 
On our way to Senggigi, we meet Samsul, sponsor-child of Jan Knapen.
Very polite, in Bahasa Indonesia, he invites us to meet his father.
Marijke answers him, in Bahasa Indonesia, we would like to meet him.
He thinks we will follow him now to his parents, who sell food at the beach.
Marijke meant we will visit them sometime this week…
But Samsul is already rushing ahead of us, on his old little bike. As we finally catch up with him, we explain we will visit them, but not now. At last he understands, and with a big smile he says goodbye.
All children here are so cute!
We are going to Angel again. At the table next to us, there is a blond lady, owner of the gallery next to Angel.
We have a nice conversation. She lives in Lombok for 9 years already, and knows the ins and outs of this place.
She tells us it is not so difficult to get a visa for a longer stay, a social permit.
This might be interesting for us in future.
Then there is another electricity failure, we have another drink, no use going to the internet café now.
As at last electricity is on again, we leave. Our usual internet-café already closed the doors. So we try another one. We only check mail, we don’t want to risk another virus on our USB-stick.
We have a talk with Run, one of the watch-sellers, and afterwards go back home. Even early in the evening, our village is quiet, everyone is inside and probably asleep. That doesn’t matter, we enjoy the quiet nights in our own home, we have enough talk during the day.