Thursday 30-10-2008

Joep en Marijke
Today we manage, get up at 6 in the morning. 15 Minutes later we join June on her terrace to watch the children go to school…..but not really. We have chosen the wrong day, today the children don’t have to go to school. There is an election for a high placed person in Lombok Barat (East Lombok).
At Bumi Aditya, the guesthouse in the Kampung, everything is being prepared for the elections. Joep walks home, I stay a while with June. It is so nice to sit here in the morning. Another June, Bagman’s wife, is washing the dishes outside, in a tub. After the dishes, her youngest child has a bath in the same tub. A few minutes later she carries the child in a slendang, and she gives him some rice-porridge. It looks so comfortable, the baby on her hip, both hands free for other things.
When I walk back to Joep, I meet Radna, a very nice woman. I haven’t seen her for a long time. She is holding a little girl, but not her own, it’s her granddaughter. Time flies, also in Lombok.
After breakfast we decide to go for the walk we planned days ago.
We walk over the beach, towards Senggigi Beach Hotel. Talk to the sellers on the beach. On the beach, in front of the hotel, there are big breakwaters. On two places they are damaged during a storm. That must have been an enormous power from the sea…
Then we reach the little selling place for food and drinks, owned by a family from Loco. Their 4 children, Siti, Yunus, Samsul and Aprilia, are all in the Proyek. We stop for a cup of coffee.
Father tells us he is very happy all his kids can go to school now. Then you realize the things we do here are really useful.
We also talk about a family who just took 2 sons away from school. Most people in the village think it’s not good. But they also realize everyone has to make it’s own decisions. This father says he tries to keep his own children away from the boys who quit school. He’s afraid his own children will get influenced by them, and he really thinks it is important for his children to go to school.
He tells us his son Yunus now goes to a special Junior High School, he stays there all week, doesn’t come home every day. But tomorrow Yunus is coming home. Joep and I already mentioned we hadn’t seen Yunus yet. So tomorrow we have to make a photo of Yunus, for the registration of all children. More and more people decide to send children to special schools. They are more severe. These children usually are better prepared on going to Highschool.     
These Junior Highschools lay a good foundation for Highschool, children can work independent.
We walk on and through the small street next to Senggigi Beach Hotel we walk back home. At Graha Hotel we have a lemon ice tea, at home we take a shower and rest for a while. (get up at 6 in the morning is really early…)
After 5 minutes of sleep, we get a phone call from Cuk.
There is a bemo for sale, we can have a look at it now. So we will, it is not a bad one, but the first bemo we saw looked better.
The owner from the first bemo is also present. He wants to know at the latest tomorrow if we are going to buy his bemo. So we have to make a decision soon.
Before we do that, we want to know if the bemo from Yessey Café is for sale, that one is really nice. So we go to Yessey Café for a drink. Eful walks to the kitchen to ask if the boss is present. He won’t be back before this evening, so we have to wait.
We go back home, still have to make photos from the children.
Eful starts collecting all the children that are in the kampung. Cuk has a map containing overviews from all children; name, parents names, brothers, sisters etc.
I want to use this information for the sponsors of the children.
But it takes some time to copy the information. Andrea is coming to help us. Together with Adi he types the names of the children. 
I help to check the lists of children and new children. We go on making photos until it is too dark.
Then we clean up, shower, do some shopping, go to the internet.
At the supermarket we meet Eful and Cuk, who just came from Yessey Café. Their bemo is not for sale. Tidak apa apa, it doesn’t matter. Eful wants to discuss what we are going to do with the bemo. So we go to Sunshine. We can have diner and discuss our plans.
We all agree, the first bemo we saw was the best, but also the most expensive, 70 million rupiah. So Cuk calls the owner and asks for the price. He will lower the price with 3 million. Cuk tells him we will discuss it now, let him know later in the evening. We want to try to buy it for 65 million rupiah, the same price as the other bemos (they were older, looked worse, but it’s worth a try….) After waiting half an hour, Cuk calls back and gives his mobile phone to Eful. Oh, it’s so thrilling when you don’t understand what he is saying.  Eful ends the conversation and says with a big smile WE HAVE THE BEMO!! That’s great! It feels good, after a year of tension, a lot of generous sponsors, support from everyone, we made it!
Tomorrow the owner will come to bring us the bemo. We all have a drink, we’ve got something to celebrate…
We talk until midnight. We hear there will be a special ceremony for the bemo. We will pray and have diner together to make sure the bemo will be safe. Beautiful, we want to join them.
In Lombok this is a special ritual for instance for new companies, opening of a shop, a restaurant etc.
In those cases all orphans from the village will be invited to eat and pray together. Andrea likes this idea, better than in Europe, where only VIP’s will be invited… I agree with that completely.
In Kampung Loco Hindu and Muslim people are united, they live in the same village, and they all have their own rituals, their own customs. We see a lot of things that are new to us, that’s interesting, and it would be good if more people had an opportunity to see how people from another religion solve problems and do things.
For us this was a very long but great day.