Friday 31-10-2008

Joep en Marijke

After breakfast, Boung is coming to get us. The bemo has arrived!
And yes, there is our “new” bemo. We check it quickly, and agree the owner gets 10 million rupiah. And a receipt written by Eful, saying we will go to the service station, police and license office to have the bemo checked. If something is wrong, we will get 10 million back. If everything is fine, the owner will get the rest of the money tomorrow.
The owner leaves, and Joep, Cuk and Eful take the bemo for a ride.
I walk back home and start working on the travel stories. We have to keep up with this,so many things are happening!

We go to the office to have the bemo’s documents checked. We could have done it ourselves as well…they compare the car’s chassis, motor and license number with the numbers on the documents. Everything is okay.
In the second office the car will be officially transferred to us. For this we also need the former owners identity-card. We can arrange that next week.
Then we visit the service station. They think the bemo is okay.
The owner of the service station is an acquaintance of Cuk, and I think he will give an honest judgement. When I ask when the oil needs to be changed, he tells me it is the best to do every 3000 kilometers, because that is what is written on the bottles of oil. I tell him in Holland we watch the instructions manual of the car, he looks as if I’m a bit strange. Even more when I tell him we usually change oil only twice a year.
Good sales-policy of the oil-companies!  It’s a good thing the oil in Lombok is less expensive than in Holland.
Later, at home, when we stopped writing travel reports, it’s time for a nap.
A short one, 10 minutes later Eful comes to get us, he collected another group of children for the famous photos. 
So Marijke and me are going back to work while Eful and Cuk are going to the former owner of the bemo, to pay the rest of the amount. The rest of the afternoon, we are busy with the photos. Andrea, our Italian friend, and Adi are helping us. When Ismail, a happy boy, comes  with a group of friends, we have lots of fun.
When we finished the photo-shoot, Cuk and Eful come back. Proudly they give Marijke a map with the official documents from the bemo. They also give Marijke some money; on their way to Ampenan and back to Loco, they had some customers in the bemo, so this is the first earned Kampung Loco bemo money!   
For next Sunday we are making plans to have a nice trip with the families of our project-staff. We think they deserved it! Andrea, our advisor during these weeks, will also join us.
Next Monday all the children from Junior Highschool and Highschool will go to school by Kampung Loco Bemo, YES!!!!
When we want to go to a restaurant for dinner, it starts to rain. So we have a chat with Adi and Mariam, waiting until it will be dry.
After dinner we go to the internet café. The owner was already closing the café, but he starts up the computer and waits for us.
Quite early in the evening we drive back to Loco. It’s quiet. We are used to meet some people in front of June’s and Cuk’s shop , but the shop is closed already. Since Judy, their son, goes to a kind of boarding school, June often is alone at night. She is a bit scared then, and closes the door early.
At Boung’s bruka it is also quiet, so we go back to our own house, it has been a long and busy day…