Sunday 02-11-2008

Joep en Marijke
Already in the morning the clouds are very dark, rain will come.
Tidak apa apa, it doesn’t mind. We stay at home.
There’s a big map with information of the children, parents etc. waiting for us. We already completed half of it, so let’s start with the other half.
Outside it is getting darker, rain starts to fall.
I have difficulties with reading the written names of the children. I also need a dictionary to find the occupation of the parents.
But I think now I have the names complete. Joep is reading a book. The temperature is fine, we people from Belanda often think it is too warm.
Around noon Cuk and Eful come to inform us the ceremony for the bemo will take place this evening. It needs to be done soon, because tomorrow in the morning we will start using the bemo for the children. 
We think it’s fine. Now Cuk, Eful and their wives will take the bemo to go to the market, buy food for this evening.
When they  get back, they immediately start preparing the food. We walk to Boung and Sareah, have a nice time on their bruka. We see 2 children we haven’t taken a photo of yet. So we do it now. Boung is watching the photos with us, and picks up another child we miss. 
We think we almost have all the children now.
Soon Boung starts to do funny, like he uses to. Everyone is laughing.
Cuk joins us, and starts sorting out the photos. He puts them in 2 maps. He uses these maps also to show visitors of Proyek Kampung Loco. 
Andrea also joined us. Joep, Cuk and Andrea decide to make a testride with the bemo. I think it’s just an excuse for a nice ride, but okay…
They leave and I join June and some other women from the kampung  in front of June’s shop to practice my Bahasa Indonesia, Indonesian language.
I’m doing fine, sometimes using my hands and feet to make something clear to the women.  These moments are the moments I enjoy most. Simply chatting a bit, quiet and relaxed, while the children are playing, the smallest children sitting with their mothers, watching the strange white woman, with the scary blue eyes. But, very slowly, they are getting used to me. Little Zara, Sane’s daughter, is too young to be scared of me, and gives me a big smile.
These moments sometimes it’s hard, it makes me think of my own  granddaughter Lara. I hope she doesn’t change too much in the months we don’t see her… Son Chico has been so nice to send us 2 photo’s by e-mail, and after hours of downloading, we have been able to see them!
A moment later the men return. The bemo is doing fine!
Of course, that’s why we bought it!
Andrea walks back to Graha, we walk home. At 8 we go to Eful’s house, followed by about 20 men, including the imam and Kepala Kampung (something like a mayor).
When everyone is inside, the imam starts praying. The others also start to pray. It sounds nice, almost like singing. After a few moments, we have a power failure. It’s completely dark, but the praying goes on. Now it sounds almost magical. Joep has a flashlight, turns it on, what makes all insects fly to Joep.
After the prayer, Cuk explains to everyone the bemo will be used for the children to go to (Junior) Highschool. The bemo will be parked in the Kampung every evening so it can also be used for transport to ceremonies in the evening. But only on the condition the tank will be refilled with fuel when the bemo comes back. 
The most important thing is that in the evening/night the bemo also can be used in case of emergency.
When someone needs to see a doctor or needs transport to a hospital, Cuk will take them there. In that case refueling will be paid by the proyek.
Everyone is listening very carefully, and seems happy with the advantages of the bemo.
Then the foods is brought in. And it is a lot of food.
For everyone a portion of rice, chicken and vegetables. Also a glass of water.
After dinner everyone gets a cup of coffee.
Cigarettes are presented in glasses. You don’t see this in Holland anymore.
But still I can remember birthday-parties in Holland, where cigars and cigarettes we standing on the table, in between coffee, tea and cake.
So in this case Indonesia is like Holland was 30 years ago.
After coffee everyone leaves. In Lombok they’re not used to linger at the table after dinner. But we do, with a small group, but not too long.
Tomorrow at 06.30 we want to be present for the bemo’s first ride!