Monday 03-11-2008

Joep en Marijke

At 05.45 we get out of bed. We don’t want to miss the first ride of the Kampung Loco Proyek Bemo. The bemo is waiting in front of Cuk’s house. During the first period, Cuk will be bemo-driver. That way we can see how it works, if there are any problems etc. 
There are still some children who cannot use the bemo. These are the children which go to school in Mataram. Our bemo has a licence for public transport between Ampenan and Senggigi. Not for Mataram. It’s allowed to use the bemo in Mataram to bring children to school, as long as it is not being used as public transport in the Mataram area. So, in fact, we can bring to children to school in Mataram, but before we do that, we want to explain the other bemo drivers the way we work, that the bemo is used in Mataram only to bring children to school, that we use the bemo like a schoolbus. So to avoid problems with other bemo-drivers, until everyone is being informed, we don’t use the bemo for transport to Mataram. But we also think this year there will be not enough children going to Mataram Highschool, so using the bemo for only a few children will be to expensive. It will be cheaper to use other transport until more children go to Mataram.
At half past 6 the bemo leaves with a few children that go to Junior Highschool in Kerandangan, North of Senggigi. Some children from Elementary school in Senggigi are very lucky today. Usually they walk to school. But as the bemo is going the same direction, and there still is some space in the bemo, they can get in the bemo. A lot of parents and other people are present to watch the bemo leave. We enjoy the proud faces of the people, when they see their children leave the village by Loco-bemo! 
I also get in the bemo, but I get out at the main road. There I take a seat at the Pos Ronda bruka. A lot of children from Loco are already at the bruka. They have to go to Junior Highschool in Ampenan, south of Senggigi. When the bemo comes back from Kerandangan, Cuk will pick up these children.
When the bemo comes back, we all get in and drive towards Ampenan. On that moment I receive an sms-message from Marianne in Holland; “Selamat pagi! Enjoy the first bemo-drive!” That’s perfect timing!
The children that are on the bemo now, go to 4 different schools, so the bemo is getting more and more empty, until only Cuk and me are on the bemo. Then we go back to the kampung, I look forward to my breakfast, but before I start eating, I get a phonecall from Cuk, asking if I want to join Eful and him “for papers to police and service station”.
When I came home I told Adi I would take breakfast and after that lie down for half an hour. So Adi is very amused when he hears me answer to Cuk “I will be there in 5 minutes”. With a smile on his face he says “Tidak tidur”, no sleep.
We drive to the police office to complete the documents of the bemo. We already prepared everything in order to be ready quickly. But it takes some time, a lot of time, the documents will be ready at 3 in the afternoon.
We don’t want to wait that long, so we drive to the service station for service and maintenance of the bemo.  I won’t mention too many details of this. Marianne in Holland translates our stories from Dutch into English language, and she is not happy with all the technical descriptions I use to write…
Of course we want to thank her and the rest of the Geurts family a lot for  keeping the website up to date. 
When after two hours the maintenance is completed, and Cuk and I removed all the stickers and the redundant lighting, it is time to pick up the first child from school. Half an hour later we pick up two children at another school, and on our way back to the kampung we pick up the others. 
We also have some “unknown” kids on board. But when they get out of the bemo, the properly pay Cuk the bemo fare. There are no fare dodgers in Lombok! Tired of the waiting and the heat, we reach Loco, where we evaluate the first bemo-day. It is important to know the exact school hours, and to let the children know we leave right on time, we don’t wait if someone is late, because if we do, the other children also will be late!

In the meantime I made one day’s travel report, did some laundry, and read a book. It is very muggy and hot. That’s mainly because this is rainy season.
Joep comes home and we decide to take a nap. We think we deserved it, this morning we got out of bed very early. Late in the afternoon we wake up again, and it is raining and thundering. When it is dry, we want to go to the internet-café, but we get some visitors, children who need to be photographed. So we take the camera and make nice photo’s. Yuliante, sponsored by Vicky and Peter,  has her second photo taken, on the first she was standing with her eyes closed, so we try again. We still haven’t photographed all children. 80% of them was finished in one day. But the other 20% takes some time…
At the internet café we “meet” Marianne in Holland, we chat for a while. We tell her we want to try to send some photos of the bemo, so they can be put on the website. But it won’t work. Marianne advises us to ask Mohni, he often sends photos by e-mail. So we go to another internet-café. There’s Mohni, also chatting with Marianne. Mohni roars with laughter, he just heard from Marianne in Holland that we are coming to see him, and a minute later we actually do! Internet makes the world really small…
Mohni helps us, and a few minutes later the photos are sent to Holland and published on the website, where now everyone can see them.       
We go for diner at Angel’s, and do some shopping. When we are home, we enjoy a nice evening with Adi and Mariam on their terrace. On the laptop we watch photos from former holidays in Lombok, and also some photos from Holland. Especially the photos we made in winter are impressive to Adi and Mariam.  We really like these nice, cosy and quiet evenings with our friends!