Wednesday 05-11-2008

Joep en Marijke

Around our garden we have a little brick wall. To keep the cows out, who otherwise will ruin the nice garden. When we are not in Lombok, Mariam takes good care of our garden and plants.
Adi made a new small gate, out of  waste wood. But it is almost falling apart.
So we want to make a new one. We want to make it out of plastic tubes, like they use for waterworks. So we need some tubes and connecting pieces. It’s not heavy, and won’t decay or rust.
So we take the bemo to go shopping. In Holland we would go to a do-it-yourself shop. In Lombok it is different. They don’t have everything, so you have to improvise. We also want to buy some cane mats to make sunscreen-roller-blinds for our terrace. We find the blinds, after that we go looking for materials to make the gate.
Adi wants to attach the hinges with nails to the wall. I think it will be better to attach them by first drilling a hole in the wall, putting in a plug and attach the hinge with a screw. Adi thinks it a good idea, but no one in the kampung has a drilling machine. Anyway we are going to buy the screws and plugs, if we find someone with a drilling machine, maybe on a building site, we will ask if we can borrow it.  Back in the kampung it is time for Cuk to get the children from school. But first we pay him for using the bemo, yes we also have to pay for transport!

When Joep comes back, he asks me if I want to go with Cuk to get the children from school. Of course, I haven’t been in the new bemo yet. So, together with Cuk I go to the first school. We pick up about 5 Junior Highschool kids. One of them gets out at the next school, an Elementary school. He will wait for Bagus, and will help the younger child crossing the busy street. The other ones drive with us to Gilang’s school in Ampenan.   
There we all have to wait quite a while. But that’s no problem, Lombok people are patient. Now Cuk and I have some time to talk. Cuk tells me he would like to become the driver of the bemo, but first he would like to discuss it with his wife, June. Cuk is a good, professional driver. But he and June run a shop in Loco, and being the bemo driver will take a lot of time, so June will have to run the shop then almost by herself. I tell him to discuss this with June, and also with the boys from the Proyek. It’s a decision they have to make by themselves, I don’t want to interfere with this.
When Gilang arrives, he gets in and we drive back to the Elementary school, to pick up Bagus and the boy that waited for him. I really appreciate it that they have an older child wait together with the Elementary school child. In Lombok children usually obey older people very good, their parents, but also other people. And they also feel responsible for other children.   
Back in Loco Cuk takes a coffee-break and I join June and him. He tells me the grandfather of Hamad, we wrote about yesterday, died, and the family asked if it was possible to take them to the funeral at 4 o’clock.
Now we see the bemo really is an advantage, people can help each other.
I walk back home and would like to take a nap, but I see Andrea coming.
He asks us if we already heard the big news. No, we haven’t.
Andrea accepted a job in Hungary, he will be working as a manager culture and communication. As we understood it well, he will also make promo movies for movie-industries. He is really looking forward to it, and they want him to come to Hungary soon. So he will be leaving on Saturday or Monday. First he will visit his parents in Italy, after that he will go to Hungary for a new adventure. We congratulate him and feel happy for him, but we also will miss him in Lombok. He has been a great help with the Proyek!
Then we get another visitor, delivering the side table we bought yesterday. So my route description in Bahasa Indonesia was okay!
When Andrea leaves, we go to Senggigi. We have to go to the internet café to send the travel reports of yesterday and the day before.  At the internet café I have a chat with Marianne and Mohni. Mohni asks why we don’t use his laptop for internet. But we don’t want to bother him all the time.
A bit later, when we have diner, we meet Mohni again. He still has to deliver some texts in English for the web-site of his diving school. I promise to help him translating the texts from Indonesian to English.
After dinner we will visit him. He first wants to make the texts, after that I can check them.
He will call us as soon as he is ready. We go to the Chinese souvenir-shop, don’t know the name, but they have a lot of nice things, and good prices.
2  Years ago we saw a nice table-lamp there, but we first wanted to have a table to put it on. But now we have, and they still have the lamps, so we buy one.
With the lamp in my arms, I take place on the back of the motor, and we drive home. Our house feels more and more like a home, and with the light of the new table-lamp, we watch a movie on the laptop.
How luxurious!