Thursday 06-11-2008

I get out of bed early, but I don’t feel very well. I’m a bit tired of everything.
I know it is my own problem, I want to finish everything in time, but this is Indonesia. I want to have a photo of all the children, want to be sure we don’t forget anyone, but to me everything is to much pelan-pelan, easy, slow. But everyone is doing his utmost. We have a long talk with Adi, about  the way things go in Lombok, and a few minutes later the others come.
They bring the new cash book for the bemo, and show us the receipts they’ve got until now.  Purchase, license, registration, monthly payments.
The bemo is officially registered on Eful. On the Proyek is not possible, because then no one would be legally responsible. The bank accounts are registered on Cuk’s name,  so now we’ve decided to use Eful’s name for the bemo. Adi will manage the bemo’s cash book, for Cuk is already very busy with the other cash books.
Eful will climb the mountain now, there lives a boy we don’t have on photo yet. He will ask him to visit us now.
Now we still need two children.
We discuss how we can improve the school system. We decide the parents have to subscribe the children themselves. Until now we sort of invited the children.
If the parent subscribe them themselves, they will feel more responsible.  
It appears that some parents don’t care about their children’s education, and often these children don’t finish school.    
We also want to have the names of the children for the new school year (which starts in June) already in October. But here most people don’t schedule in advance. Sometimes this is difficult for us, and for the sponsors.
When everyone is gone, Joep and Adi start working.
They are going to hang the bamboo-roller blinds outside. It takes some time. We find out Adi has to think a long time about what Joep tries to explain to him. On the other side, he works very accurate. Joep changes something in the way the curtains are tied up. Adi doesn’t understand why, but a few moment later he smiles, yes this is much better, better than at the neighbour’s.
To hang the first blind takes about one and a half hour. But the second one only takes half an hour. Sometimes Mariam and I can help a bit.
It’s a nice afternoon. Sareah comes to bring us the laundry. She does some laundry for us, of course she gets paid for this, although she doesn’t want to accept the money. But we insist on it.
Sareah is a great help for my study Bahasa Indonesia, she doesn’t speak English at all. But I’m improving, so after this stay in Lombok, I sure will continue my lessons. It still is hard to understand the people, they speak too fast! 
At half past 5 we get an sms from Andrea. He changed his ticket, and will leave on Saturday. He promised to put some of his photos on our laptop, and he want to have some of our photos. So he’s computering for 3 hours, Joep and I don’t understand the things he is doing. 
We also get some very nice movies from him. I hope we can publish them on our website. In the meantime Sareah brings us some tempe goreng with sambal, because we were so busy… And Sareah’s tempe goreng is the best in the whole world!
When Andrea is ready, we rush to the internet cafë. We promised Nick to be there for a chat with Holland.
The boy from the internet café was already closing, there were no more customers, but now he starts up the computer again, especially for us.
We chat with Nick and Edgar, talk about several things. Nick and Elise are really looking forward to their next trip to Lombok. We want to have diner at Happy Café, but it’s too busy in there. So we walk to Angel.
The waitress is very young and very polite. There are 2 Australian men in the restaurant. One of them is very rude. When he grabs at the waitress, she is very upset. When she comes to our table, we have a talk with her. Her name is Emma. During the morning hours she is studying English at the University. In the afternoon and evening she works at Angel. When we tell her about our Proyek, she starts to cry. She is still upset about the Australian man, but she also tells us she is so glad to meet someone who is concerned about the education of Lombok children.
She wants to thank us in a Muslim traditional way. She kisses our hand and puts the hand on her head. I’ve already seen many children do this, and the gesture really moves me. Now I’ve got tears in my eyes, she such a nice girl.
I would like to throw the Australian men out of the restaurant, but working here, she will have to learn how to deal with these “tourists”.
After diner we visit the mini-market, next to café Berry. The shop is open 24 hours, good, because we haven’t had time to do shopping today.
We met the owners of the shop already, now we meet her husband.
He tells us a remarkable story.
He has worked for someone from Switzerland for 10 years. The employer got wounded, a knife stab in the back of his head. The shop owners borrowed 34 million rupiah, and took the Swiss man to a hospital in Bali. They were afraid in Mataram hospital he wouldn’t be treated in the right way.
When they arrived in Bali in the hospital, the Swiss man accused his employee and wife of stabbing him to steal his money.
The shop owner looks at me and says: “Can you imagine that, after having worked for him for 10 years?”
Very disappointed they went back to Lombok. Because of the loan now they have to work really hard. Luckily they got help from someone from Holland.
By opening their shop day and night, they hope to be able to pay back the loan a bit faster.
You hear all kinds of strange stories in Lombok. I don’t know if everything is true…