Friday 07-11-2008

Today it is Friday, day of prayer for the mainly Muslim inhabitants of Kampung Loco.
We hear the voice of the Imam while we are having breakfast at our terrace.
The new sunscreen blinds do what they were meat to do, they they keep away the sun. In half an hour we will get sunbeam at the side of our terrace, there is no screen, but the bamboo there is growing very fast. Where there is an empty space, Mariam puts branches from other bushes in the soil. Just put it in the ground, nature does the rest! Adi already made 2 iron hooks to fasten the cord of the roller blinds. Problem is how to connect the irons hooks. A few minutes later I see him walking with a bucket to the place where I little bridge is being built over the river. When he comes back, he has some cement. The Government pays for building the bridge, so in some way you can say the Government also is sponsoring our roller blinds.
When our blinds are fine, we start with the ones for Adi and Mariam.
Now we know the best way to fasten them, we finish the job much quicker than yesterday.
Only the cord-construction makes Adi’s face wrinkle…that’s difficult!
But with a little help he finishes it and is very proud.
In the meantime Marijke did some laundry and went to June’s shop to buy some things. On the way back, she spent some time on the bruka with Andrea and Boung.
It’s Andrea’s last full day on Lombok, tomorrow he is leaving. He’s checking the children’s-proyek laptop and he wants to take the laptop to the internet café to install Skype.   
Using Skype we want to communicate with Eful every week, when we are in Holland. So we have a cheap way to keep each other up to date.   
The afternoon we stay in and around our house. At 7 we drive to Senggigi for diner and after that we go to the internet café together with Andrea and Eful.
Andrea teaches us how to use Skype, in a way even we understand it.
After this course we drive back. Have a stop at Pos Ronda Bruka, where we meet Boung. We get some drinks at café Berry and talk till deep in the night.