Saturday 08-11-2008

Time flies when you are having fun!
Today our last week in Lombok starts. It’s a holiday-day, no obligations, so we start at Graha’s swimming pool.
We try to find the flyers with proyek-information we left here. They’re gone, no one knows where. Doesn’t matter, we’ll deliver them some new ones. 
We enjoy the sun and the water. Joep also enjoys a massage from Ibu Iba.
In the meantime Andrea comes. He packed his things, and has to pay the bill. He is not really sad to leave Lombok. He’s going to a new adventure.
At noon we go home. And although I have been “ di bawah pohon” , under the tree all morning, I got a sunburnt.
But we don’t complain, we have sun, different from in Holland! At 3 we go to Boung’s bruka, where we find Andrea, Rian and Boung. Sareah made urab-urab. That’s a traditional Lombok vegetable dish. A little farewell diner for Andrea. I enjoy the urab-urab. Joep doesn’t, so I end up eating two portions.
Then some last photos, shake hands and we get in the bemo, together with Andrea, Eful, Adi, Cuk and some kids. On the way to the airport. We usually fly domestic, to Bali. But Andrea has a flight to Singapore, so now we have to be at the international part of the airport. It’s really busy there.
Andrea shakes hands with his Lombok friends, and I give him a big hug. I think when he leaves he still is a bit sad.  Andrea is a great guy. We hope to see him once again, in Holland or in Lombok. But he sure will stay involved with the Proyek.  
We go back to the Kampung. Some ladies are sitting next to June’s shop. I join them, and get a big smile from Bahman’s youngest son. He even spends some time on my lap. I enjoy this, knowing that next year he will be frightened of me.  Now, he is 6 months old, he is not.
We walk home to get some things and go to Senggigi, the internet café. The connections are really slow today, but we don’t care. We hear someone from Holland who does care. We have a talk with him and his wife. They have been travelling for 16 months now, and have seen and been through a lot.
They don’t really like Lombok, they were being swindled when they arrived on Lombok. Not a good first impression.
They like people from Bali more, we like Lombok people more. But everyone is different.
I think it’s not a question of the islands, but the people. Sometimes you just have bad luck to meet the wrong ones.
We walk to Angel, and meet Emma again. A lot of people walk by. Run and Jan, both watchsellers, stop for a talk. A lot of people are not happy with the sellers, but to us they have become friends. Every time they walk away, we wish them good business. After diner we go home. Have a chat with Adi on the terrace. He tells us we are world-famous in Senggigi. All his friends tell him when and where they met us. “Adi, we have seen your friends again, mister with long hairs, and lady with rasta.”
Adi always acts surprised “Really, where?”
A lot of people don’t know we are Adi’s neighbours. We talkabout the sellers, and Adi says they all think we are very polite, we always say “Tidak, terima kasih” (No, thank you).    
But we think it’s just normal, especially if you think about the way the sellers have to earn their money. Thinking about that makes it easy to be polite…