Sunday 09-11-2008

Joep en Marijke

Today we planned to go to the “big city” Mataram, together with Mariam, Sareah, Kartini and June, the wives of the staff members of the Proyek. We will visit Mataram Mall. The wives also do a lot of work for the proyek, and this trip is like a “Thank you”.
It’s not easy to have all the women together, because we know they do not all get on together very well.  June stays at home, Cuk goes with us, and she doesn’t want to close the shop. Mariam doesn’t want to go to the Mall, she has been there before, and she is afraid she will see things in the shops that she cannot buy. If she doesn’t see them, it’s no problem. Well, that makes sense.
We don’t want to interfere with this, so we leave, Sareah, Diana, Kartini, Gilang, Cuk, Eful and a friend of Gilang.
Mos, the bemo driver that will start working next Monday, is driving the bemo. At the Mall we split in 2 groups, men and women.
The Mall changed a lot. A new part was built, complete with parking garage and elevators. Some shops in the new part are still empty.
I go with Cuk to the Toko Buku, bookshop, to buy a guestbook for visitors of the Kampung. I ask Cuk if he knows something June would like to have. We want to give her a present. Cuk knows, a pan with a glass cover. She once saw it, and would like to have it. So we are going to buy the pan. 
After that, we meet the ladies again, and have, as usual on these trips,  lunch at Mc Donalds or Kentucky Fried Chicken. Today we end up at KFC.
I go shopping with Kartini, Sareah and little Ana (her name is Diana, but everyone calls her Ana). We go to Tiara, a very big clothes store.
First we go to the kids-department. Ana sees a jacket, red with pink. Decorated with Mickey Mouse and a lot of glitter. She falls in love with the jacket, she’s a real woman…
When she is trying on the jacket, she is shining. And of course, Babu Belanda buys the jacket. Ana is very happy.
I tell Kartini and Sareah they can also pick out something.   
Kartini wants a suit, jacket and pants. As a teacher she always has to wear neat clothes. 
Today she was wearing a T-shirt we gave her 4 years ago, so they really are careful with their clothes.  They hardly ever buy new clothes. But now she gets a brown suit, with small golden stripes. She is also shining in her new suit!
Sareah gets a traditional Muslim outfit, beautiful pink trousers with a long blouse. And now I’m lucky, this one is marked down at 50%.
This is usual with these clothes at the end of the Ramadan. 
I really enjoy the happy faces of the ladies.
We walk back to the men, and then all together to Kentucky Fred Chicken. Not our own choice, but to our guests it is like very luxury eating out.
With a portion of rice, a drumstick and a huge coke, everyone is enjoying.
Joep and I rush to a shop to get a photo frame, so we can give our granddaughter Lara a place in our house.
After that, the women walk to the bemo. Joep and the men are going to buy a headset for Eful. When we are back in Holland, we plan to have a conversation with him using Skype every week. So he needs a headset.
It’s very warm when we get outside. The air is getting dark, but there’s no rain. Tired we go home, and have a shower. Then a little nap.
It’s unbelievable how much we sleep in Lombok, but the heat is very tiring.
Now we understand why people in a lot of “hot” countries have a siesta. It’s the best way to make it through the hottest hours of the day.

As we get up again, I see Adi, and ask him when he starts making the gate.
He tells me it will be next week, when we are gone. This week he is busy with selling watches. He has to visit some people that are interested, and he doesn’t exactly know how late he can meet them. We realize this is just an excuse and I offer him to wait with him for the customers at the beach. We can take the materials for the gate, and while we are waiting, we can make the gate.
Adi understands the joke. He promises the gate will be ready when Nick and Elise are in Lombok again. But that takes 8 months.
I think he doesn’t want us to see the wrinkles in his face when he is thinking how to make the gate. 
We take the motor and go for diner. When we have diner Eful joins us. He has an appointment with Andrea, who now is in Singapore. At 9 they will have a meeting on Skype.
Together we walk to the internet café and speak and chat to Andrea and Nick and Elise. It’s late, but still very warm. Half an hour later we drive back home.
We have pity on the people who competed in the triathlon in Senggigi today.
That must have been very hot! We can not imagine you have to run and  bike through the mountains in this climate. The only part of the triathlon we would do is the swimming…
Our friend Nick is going to draw attention to our Proyek on a very special way in Holland. Together with a friend he will walk the Zeven Heuvelen (7 Hills) Loop next Sunday. Wearing a T-shirt with the Kampung Loco logo ! Terima kasih Nick!