Monday 10-11-2008

Now we get the holiday-feeling. At 9.30 we go to Madalika Homestay. At the sand path we carefully ride past a cow. Then we take the mainroad. Martin, the owner of Mandalika, invited us for coffee. When we arrive at his house, he excuses us for 15 minutes, he has to pick his son Adam up from school.
His wife Rohanna and their little daughter join us, and start a conversation with Marijke, in Bahasa Indonesia.
Sometimes I pick up some words, and I can understand a bit what they are talking about.  I hoped my Bahasa Indonesia would be better, too bad!
But I am very happy with my interpreter.
When Martin is back, the conversation continues in English, and sometimes I can use a word of Indonesian. 
It’s good to see Martin again, he’s an “old” friend.
At noon we leave and drive to Ampenan for a visit at the hairdresser’s, Salon New York.  There we enjoy a nice treatment (“Yes, Elise, she still works there” Marijke says I have to mention this…). 
On our way back we have a drink at the terrace near the see at Graha’s.
There we meet Lory and Izaak, who were just leaving.
We agree to have diner together next Wednesday. Then we go back home, just in time, before a huge thundery shower. Today we have bad luck, the shower stays above us, but it’s a nice view.
I think maybe a lot of women are happy with the rain. This morning they started walking up and down from the river. They pass our house with a bucket filled with sand from the river. They use it to make cement for a house that’s being built.
All my respect for the women; only watching it makes us tired and hot. But the women will be glad they can earn some money with the very heavy work.
When the shower is over, we go to the internet café, to do our daily homework. Yes, we want to keep everyone informed!