Tuesday 11-11-2008

This morning we are busy with all kind of little jobs in and around our house.
Joep and Adi are discussing the gate.
Adi wants to take his time and make it when we are back in Holland. Joep is pushing him, asking him to start now. Then they ask me to make a movie, of Adi promising Joep to repair the gate before Nick and Elise arrive in Lombok. That will be next July…
Five minutes later we all roar with laughter. They’ve got a lot of humour in Lombok.
Joep always says in one month in Lombok we laugh more than in 11 months in Holland.
Joep wants to hang the picture of Lara on the wall. He uses a nail. Adi wants to hammer the nail in the wall.
But all the nails he tries are getting crooked.
Joep shows him how to do it, and hammers the first nail into the wall. You should have seen the look on Adi’s face!
There’s a girl coming, she will be in our proyek next year. She’s already in class 3, but she moved to Kampung Loco with her family this year.
The father also comes to meet us. He also has an older daughter at Junior Highschool, and a little girl that will go to class 1 of Elementary school next June. So, 3 children of one family that we can support. The father tells us how very grateful he is. We explain to him we can only do this with the help of a lot of sponsors in Holland, and other countries. When they are gone, we go to Graha for a nice swim.
Security Herman has a chat with us. We have a good time, until we see the sky getting dark again. We quickly go back home, before the rain starts. We make it, half an hour after we get in, the raining starts.
We are learning to recognize whether the rain will fall in our “valley” or in the next one. You can see it in the sky.
It keeps raining for a few hours. When it’s dry, Boung comes and tells us he spent some time in the hospital with Sareah last night.
She had an extreme asthma attack, and could hardly breathe. I walk to Sareah to see how she is feeling.
She is sitting on the bruka, not feeling very well, and tells the story.
Yesterday she took medicine already three times. Usually she feels better after the first time, but the medicine didn’t make her feel any better. At 12 at night, she felt worse and worse. Ana woke up, gave her some water. Boung was in the other room, he fell asleep watching soccer on tv.
Ana woke up Boung, because Sareah wanted to go to the hospital. Half asleep on the back of Boung’s motor, she was taken to the hospital.
I ask her why they didn’t take the bemo. She tells me she didn’t want to wake up and bother anyone. But she also tells me she fell asleep on the back of the motor. I have her promise next time she will take the bemo.
It is meant for situations like this! At the hospital they gave her oxygen for one and a half hour. She also got other medicine. After that they could return home. The rainy season is a bad time for people with asthma.
Sane and her little girl Zara come to join us. Zara smiles at me, she was also not feeling very well last week, but now she is okay. The young girls from the kampung, Daan, Ani, Nur, Sitie and Anita also show up, and we have lots of fun. They talk half Indonesian, half English, and the subject of the conversation is of course “BOYS”.
They are laughing at each other, mentioning boys’ names, who should be “boyfriends”. Sareah is feeling a bit better now.
It’s getting dark, very fast. I walk home. Joep and I want to go to the internet café. We hear Aprilia, a sponsored child, also is ill.
This is a hard season, a lot of people don’t feel very well.
As we come home at 9, Adi is cutting the hedge in front of our house. Very clever to do this at night, temperature is very good now.
We chat a bit, and as a few minutes later it starts to rain, we go to bed.