Wednesday 12-11-2008

At 11 we drive to the center of Senggigi, we want to buy tickets for our flight to Bali, for next Sunday. We don’t want to fly with Merpati, they usually cancel flights that are not completely booked which can give you a lot of delay, waiting for the next flight. On our way to Lombok we were flying IAT, a small Indonesian airline, that one was okay.
But the don’t fly the next two days, and they are not sure when they will start flying again. Maybe the pilot is sick… So we decide to try flying Triwangan. Their first flight leaves at 8 in the morning. Then we will be in Bali at 8.25. So time enough to collect all the things we ordered a few weeks ago, and have some time to walk through Kuta.
We will stay in Bai for one night, on Monday we start travelling back to, probably cold, Holland.
As we bought the tickets, we drive to hotel Sheraton. There we enjoy the view over the bay of Senggigi. On the other side we see the valley we live in, and the mountains behind it. We also see dark clouds above the mountains, coming our way. The Loco bemo passes us, he is going to pick up the children at school North of Senggigi. We want to make some pictures when he comes back. But the clouds are faster than the bemo, and we hurry back to the center of Senggigi. As we reach the restaurants, we see a wall of water falling out of the sky. We stop to have a coffee, and a dry place to wait until the rain stops.
We order a real cappuccino, not a fake nescafé, and wait for the rain to stop.
Living in Lombok, you have to learn to accept this weather, no on e is complaining. As we arrive home, we see Boung. He tells us he goes up the mountain, to collect grass for his sapi, cow, but also to find the 3 children we need for a photo. We don’t have a lot of time anymore…
Eful still has a photo on his camera, another child we still were waiting for. She’s on Junior Highschool, a boarding school, so she doesn’t come home every day. That’s why her father went to the school with the camera to make the photo. Now we have to try to find a sponsor for her.
Ani comes with 2 bowls of delicious sop (Indonesian for soup). Sareah, who officially should rest, made this delicious soup for us, she’s great.
Just when we are about to take a shower, we have another electric failure.
There are much more failures this year than other years. But we can have a shower with candlelight and a torch, no problem. Then it’s time to go to Graha, where Lory, Izaak, Ayu and Natalie are waiting for us. Ayu is Izaak’s wife, Natalie is their four months old baby.
Together we walk to the center of Senggigi. We have diner at Bumbu restaurant, there they have a generator and for that, light.
But they also have good food, and we have a nice evening. It’s interesting to hear how Izaak constantly keeps struggling with his life in Lombok. If you adjust to the Kampung life, everything is okay. But as soon as you are different from the rest, things change. The village rejects you, why don’t you pray every time, why don’t you visit your mother more often, why don’t you live in the kampung, that kind of things.
You can compare it to Holland 50 years ago. You also had special “rules” when you lived in a village, they didn’t like modern things.
Izaak says sometimes he is wondering if his life is better now, after, thanks to Lory and Marita, having education. He’s more independent now. He has problems with jealousy from other people. But he realises there’s no way back, he has to deal with this.
The more time we spend in Lombok, the more we see and understand of it. Not always good, but very interesting.
Marijke has a problem with her ear. Probably a starting ear infection.
Just wait and see/feel how she is doing tomorrow.