Friday 14-11-2008

We are going to enjoy our almost last holiday-day. Sun is shining. Time to visit the pool at Graha’s.
Odjong already prepared our seats underneath the palmtrees. He asks if he can take our motor to go to the kampong. We say it’s okay, and ask him to tell Cuk we want to make a photo from Judy at 13.00.
A few minutes later he comes back, and tells us he arranged it with Cuk. Ten minutes later Cuk and Judy come to the swimming pool. Odjong told them to meet us now, so they came to Graha quickly. When I tell Cuk what we asked Odjong, he laughs; Communication!
But it doesn’t matter. We buy some drinks and make a nice photo of Judy. He wants to go back to the kampung quickly, he’s not often home from school, and want to play with his friends in the kampung.
When they are gone, we get a visit from the Sales manager of Graha. We asked him if there could be a special arrangement for sponsors visiting Kampung Loco and staying in Graha. Of course he discussed it with the general manager. He has a map with some folders and a special “Ratekontrakt” for 2008-2009. Marjke noticed this was only valid until March 2009, so he changed it into November 2009.
The contract contains normal prices and special prices for our sponsors
They will get a discount of 20%, for a double-room, airport-pick-up service, breakfast and some other facilities. So, Theo and Sjan, if you’re interested, the first discount will be for you!
As the sales-manager has gone, we have some time to relax and enjoy the lovely pool. At 01.00 go back to the kampung. We stop at the Pos Ronda bruka, we want to wait till the bemo passes, to make a movie.
But we don’t see the bemo. Ibu Marsia joins us at the bruka. We met her the first time we came to Lombok.
We talk a bit, then we have to go home, Marijke has an appointment with Mariam, they are going to prepare diiner together.
Cuk calls us to say he is in Ampenan, and the bemo is on it’s way to Senggigi. Too late, we’re already at home.
I start reading a book, a few minutes later Adi walks in. Marijke sent him out of the kitchen, he was interfering with the cooking and Marijke’s Bahasa Indonesia. Of course he’s laughing.
I show Adi the photos of family Geurts of last July. As we smell the food from the kitchen, Adi walks towards the kitchen. I follow him, and it looks good.
IWe enjoy a great meal, I won’t tell all the tasty details, otherwise some people in Holland will get jealous (isn’t it, Marianne?).
After diner we talk about all kinds of things. Sometimes we are being “disturbed” by children who need a new pencil or exercise book. The stock of school materials are in our house.
It’s funny, with Adi we always have something to talk about. He tells us a friend of him, also a seller, wanted to know how it is to live together with tourists. Adi tells laughing it makes no difference. It’s just more cosy than living alone. But of course it depends on the relationship you have. We are equal. Sometimes you see other relationships.
We often see expats behaving arrogant, superior in relationships with local people. As if they are more important or better than people from Lombok.
Early in the evening we start the long travel (next door) to our home, where we watch a movie on the laptop.