Saturday 15-11-2008


Today is cleaning-day. Tomorrow Peter Geurts will move into our home, so we want to clean everything.
But we are slow today. The last day in Lombok… We are sweating and cleaning. When I am sweeping the terrace outside, a few women from the kampung are watching me. This will be the first time they see a tourist cleaning… Mariam already offered to do the cleaning, but why should we let her do it? We can do it ourselves.
After the cleaning we go to the internet café, to publish 2 more days of the report. After that we drive to “our” place, near Sheraton Hotel, where we have a nice view over Senggigi bay. Incredible how time flies this month. But we are glad next year maybe we will be able to spend 4 months in Lombok. We drive back and take place on Pos Ronda bruka.
Joep is still waiting for “our” bemo to come, to make an action-movie. We see lots of bemos, but not the one we are waiting for.
After a while we go back to Loco, and join June on the pavement near the shop. We talk a bit, say good-bye to some people. We don’t like it, but we have to.
Then we walk to Sareah, who starts making tempe goreng for us, again. Ani is helping her. Boung walks inside, and asks me to follow him. Very officially he offers me 2 T-shirts. In fact I don’t want to accept them, but refusing them would be an insult. They’re so sweet!
We walk to Kartini, who now is back from University. She looks very tired. That’s not strange. Every morning she is teaching in school. In the afternoon she studies English in University. Besides that, she runs a household.
I tell Kartini to stay in bed tomorrow in the morning. We are going to say good-bye now, so she doesn’t have to get up so early on Sunday. We walk back home and tell Adi and Mariam we want to spend this evening, our last hours in Lombok, with them on the terrace.
Then we get a phone call from Mohni, it’s 06.00 and we are going to pick up Peter from the airport. We hurry to Mohni’s office, where he’s waiting for us. Before we reach the airport, we get a phone call from Peter. The plane landed early, and he is waiting for us.
It’s great to meet Peter in Indonesia. Now we still want to meet the rest of his family in Indonesia, someday… Together we drive to Cak Poer, and while we enjoy the delicious traditional diner, Peter phones Marianne. Very mean! But she knew he would call as soon as he was in Lombok. After diner Mohni takes Peter to Bumi Aditya, and we pick up our motor at Mohni’s office.
We stop at Angel’s, to say good bye to Emma. Poor girl, she starts crying. She’s so sweet, we would like to take her home.
All Angel’s staff is coming to say good bye. And we hate saying good bye. But we can really recommend the restaurant. It’s nice, cosy, good food and a great staff. Then we drive to Bumi, where Peter and Boung are waiting.
Peter walks with us to our home, where we spend the rest of the night with Adi and Mariam. Talking, enjoying the (almost) full moon, listening to the sounds of the night. We don’t want to go to bed, but tomorrow we have to get up at half past 5!