Sunday 16-11-2008

Today Nick is running the Zeven Heuvelen Loop. We wish him lots of success.
It’s sad, our time in Lombok is coming to an end. We take our luggage, have a last cup of coffee, then we have to leave.
Sane is waiting outside with little Zara to say good bye. These are the hardest moments. The bemo is waiting with running engine. For warming up of the engine (at a temperature of 30 degrees)! We say goodbye to Ani and June, and driver Mus takes us to the airport. The bemo is crowded with 20 people! Cuk and Eful next to the driver. In the back Ana, Sareah, Mariam, Adi, Daan, Hamad, Gilang, Ismael, Boung, Nur, Badjeri and 4 other boys.
And of course Joep and Marijke, and all our luggage.
There’s a rule on Lombok, a bemo is never full! At the airport we don’t have a lot of time, that’s good. Waiting for good bye is terrible.
We give everyone a big hug, and at the end of the row there’s our dear Adi.
This is a very hard moment for us. Also for Adi.
As usual we leave in tears. It’s always the same.
When we are together, waiting, we don’t know what to say. Already feeling homesick for Lombok. We will never get used to this.
As we take off and I see Senggigi disappearing on the right, I start crying again. Why is this island affecting us so much? Especially the people, but also the pureness.
Bali is busy, crowded an full off noise, and we hurry to Adus Beach Inn.
Take our luggage to our room, and pick up the order we placed a month ago.
We’re not interested in Kuta anymore. It’s not about Kuta, it’s about us.
We are sad, down and homesick. We walk over the beach, traditionally end the day at Kopipot, were we talk with Madé, the waiter we’ve known for years already. Our minds already left Indonesia. We are both silent and counting the hours until we really leave.