Monday 17-11-2008

Since yesterday I’m not feeling very well. Do I have to go to the toilet, vomit? I don’t know. So I just take some toast for breakfast.
We have to repack our luggage. But we don’t manage to put everything in the 2 backpacks.
So we also have to take another bag, and a bag with warmer clothes (we’ll need them when we come closer to Holland), Marijke’s small backpack, my small backpack with the laptop, and two small bags with passports, tickets and some personal belongings. We are allowed to take 20 kilograms and 5 kilograms hand luggage.
It looks as if we have travelled for one year, so many luggage. Maybe we have to pay for extra luggage, we’ll see. At 12 we check out, pay the room and wait for the taxi.
We have a talk with one of the boys from Adus Beach Inn. Of course we talk about Lombok, the only thing we are interested in, here in Bali…
The taxi drops us at the airport. We “enjoy” an argument between a tourist and a luggage porter. The tourist took the porter’s trolley. The porter is asking him to give it back. The tourist is screaming and swearing at the porter. Yes, we’re getting back to the western society.
Before we go inside, we have a drink at a terrace. Marijke also has a meal, I don’t. Then we enter the airport building. Yesterday we went to an internet café for online check in, so we don’t have to queue up.
As we put our luggage on the scale, I move one bag so it doesn’t weigh.
The scale weighs 40,5 kilograms. That’s fine.
The hand luggage we placed on the floor, so they don’t see it. Then we can walk up the stairs to pay airport taxes. Domestic flights 20.000 Rp, international flights 150.000 Rp, so about € 1,40 and € 10,50.
Better than in Holland!
Then we go to passport check and wait for the moment we can board.
Luckily for us in Indonesia they still have smoking areas.
At last we can board, find our chairs and leave Indonesia at 16.00. We have a stop at Hong Kong, we arrive there at 20.30. There we have to wait again. We decide to use that time to write 2 more days of the travel reports. And writing the memories of Lombok come back…
We watch a movie of Adi laughing and having the giggles. It cheers us up a bit.