Tuesday 18-11-2008


Our flight to Amsterdam leaves on time, and it’s going to be a long flight.
It’s a modern plane, and we can decide ourselves what movie we are going to see. It means you can choose a movie, and start it yourself, independent of the other people.
On this flight I will also do some shopping, I haven’t forgotten that. On our way to Lombok I got a check from $ 50.
The people who know me, know I’m fond of expensive perfumes and glamorous watches…(but not really).
So I choose really glamorous lipgloss (wow, 10 pieces, $ 32) and a nice teddy bear, special edition of Cathay Pacific, for our little Lara.
Luckily we both sleep well during the flight, because the flight lasts over 12 hours.
After a very early breakfast, we land in Amsterdam. It’s still dark, we can feel the cold in the air bridge, and we’re still walking around on our flip flops.
It takes a lot of time till our luggage arrives, as usual on Schiphol Airport.
But at last we can go outside. There we see 2 beautiful people, both wearing a T shirt with Proyek Kampung Loco. Sweet Nick and Elise left home in the middle of the night to be here for us at this moment. That means a lot to us!
They both know Lombok, and know how we feel.
So we start talking about the time in Lombok, about the people they also know so well. After a nice cappuccino (we don’t want to leave immediately, traffic is very crowded this time of the day), we start our travel home.
It should be light outside, but all we see is a hazy sky and rain. Welcome back to Holland!
It’s still quite busy on the road, but talking to Nick and Elise time flies.
Then we take the sand road to our villa on our other kampung in Holland.
To our surprise, our house is warm!!! Great, Dennis and Loes, who took care of our cat Shiva while we were gone, had the great idea to put on the heating. What a luxury, a warm house. That’s just what we needed right now. Elise and Nick have to leave, because Nick has to go to work.
They also have to solve a little problem, when they left this morning, they accidentally shut the door, with the key on the inside. Dennis and his little son Radja come to welcome us, and get a big hug, especially because of the warm heating. Good to see Radja again, after one month!
Our cat Shiva also sees us. Normally she’s not fond of hugging. But today she is, and stays on Joep’s or on my lap.
We know, after two days, she has had enough of it, so we just let her, and enjoy our temporarily hugging cat.
As we are just the two of us again, we make some phone calls, and do some shopping. I’m sleepy and tired, and try to keep my mind with the shopping, but that’s not easy.
The weather outside is really depressing. As I look outside, I understand why Dutch people can be so grumpy.
We do our best to stay awake, but it’s so hard! Sitting on the couch, I almost fall asleep. Gladly Loes and Dennis come to visit us, so we stay awake a bit longer.
But at 10 it’s over, all I want to do is sleep.
Lombok was beautiful, nice, we were busier than ever before, but it was worth it. We achieved a lot for our Proyek.
Also learnt a lot about Indonesia, the way of life and the people.
But we know, also in Holland we have great friends.
Thanks to the many hours Marianne Geurts spent on translating our stories, now also English speaking people could read our experiences almost live.
We always will be living in 2 worlds. The beautiful Lombok, but also the warm Holland. Warm because of all the friends we have here.
Dear people, thank you all for your support, on whatever way.
We are back again!