Proyek Kampung Loco

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This Proyek is finished

New project

We are going to save money for a bemo (transportcar)

Follow the race up to 7000 euro

A lot of the money saved for school gets lost on transportcosts, that is why we start collecting money to buy a Bemo.
The costs will be 7000 euro including license ( this means they can also use the bemo for public transport. This way they can support the car themselves).

More than half of the money spend for Junior High School and High School goes to transport from the children from Kampung Loco to the nearest (Junior) High School in Ampenan or Mataram. If we get this bemo, the sponsoring for Junior and High School will go down.
For now in the Netherlands we have a lot of nice sponsors, including children, who are sponsoring the project. The problem is when their child goes van Elementary School up to Junior High School the sponsoringmoney goes from 25 to 120 euro. For some sponsors this money is too much. A bemo would solve that problem and we can really spend all the money for school. That’s why we try to get this bemo. With your help it should work.
On this moment the sponsors pay every year:

25 euro for Elementary School
120 euro for Junior High School
210 euro for High School
If we will manage to get a bemo, the new prices would be:

30 euro for Elementary School
75 euro for Junior High School
125 euro for High School


Last year october we went to have a look for a bemo or maybe secondhand. Secondhand was not a good idea, because the prices were almost like new and the cars were very badly.

More than enough reasons for our project to try to get a new bemo.

This are our sponsors up till now

Marianne, Peter, Tom and Anique Geurts
Theo Kleeven
Joep Valize
Elsbeth and René Ritsema
Toon and Fia Heijmans
Henk van de Moon
Car City Venray
Leo and Margriet Logtens
Paul, Marij, Tim and Iris Hectors
Jos Smulders
Amanda vc de la Hoya Cardinal
Omar, Cristina, Gabrielle and friends
Anonymous Tourists
Family Vesters
Rein Kohlen
Frans en Marleen Crommentuyn
Familie van Duren
Thijs Kleeven
Norman en Joleine Janzen
De band "Blind Beggar"
Loes, Dennis en Radja
Agnes Burhenne
Car City Service Center

Andrea di Tonto and his friends:
The Netherlands:
Familie Anthonijsz
Markus Baars
Bernhard Plumper
Annette Vorstoffel
Edel Tighe
Michelle Cronin
Caterina Cicoria
Marta Mazzulli
Veronica di Nello
Piero Pavone
Giuliana Ferrari
Roberto Pavone & family
Marino Gualano
Lucilla Marano
Laura D'Anniballe & family
Antonio Addari
Paolo Pavone, Paolo Budiani & co
Fiorella Rotelli
Claudia Mammarella
Rest of the world:
Julius Iannitti
Renato Nettuno
Daniela di Luca
Stephen Murphy

We have the money complete!!!!!!
***** € 7000,00 *****
Dear friends, thanks a lot for all your contributions