Proyek Kampung Loco

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General Support Kampung
October 2007 Theo Kleeven donates the money he got with his jubilee
As already mentioned in our previous newsletter, Theo Kleeven donated all the money he got with his jubilee to our Proyek.
It's the huge amount of € 2.500!
Theo Kleeven and Sjan vd Broek donate the cheque

October 2007 Housing Association Arcen-Velden donates € 250 to Proyek Kampung Loco
Housing Association Arcen-Velden has decided not to send Christmas cards this year, and donate the money they saved to our Proyek.
Sjan vd Broek donates the cheque of Housing Association Arcen-Velden


October 2007 Orbis System Solutions sponsors € 1000 and a laptop
Family Geurts, who visited Lombok last December / January for a few days, and went back to Lombok and Kampung Loco during summer holidays, have now seen with their own eyes where the project is and what we are doing. Thanks to their sponsorship of last year, the village now has a water tank, street lighting and a sound system. But they donated some more money. This year they have paid a contribution of no less than 1000 Euro!
And they also had a laptop we could take to the Kampung. We will try teach the junior Highschool children to e-mail. If successful, the children can contact their sponsors in Holland themselves!
Tom and Anique Geurts give the laptop to Marijke


October 2006
Just before our depart to Lombok in October 2006 we got a great extra donation from Orbis System Solutions B.V. Use the money for anything the village needs was their message. Of course we were happy with this gift. Because we would see our friends in the Kampung soon, we decided to ask them on which things we could use the money best.
Eful came with the idea of building a central point with water for the people in the kampung and the people who live on the surrounding mountains who don't have access to clean drinking water.
Normally these people use water from the wells which is not always clean.
Eful also came up with the plan of making lanterns along the lane from the kampung to the main road.
Walking this lane at night is very dangerous. Especially because of the river close to it.
Another inhabitant had the proposal to buy a sound system for the children who a learning the traditional dances. The sound system can also be used during wedding parties, funerals and other events.