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Open house 22 of March 2009

On Sunday the 22 of March we had an open house for all sponsors and people who are interested in our project. “De leste Geulde” welcomed us all and there was a nice room available for us.

We didn’t realize that there was a big running event in Venlo, “Venloop”, so many sponsors were  running or were there to encourage the runners. It didn’t matter, because the number of  people present (about 30) made it possible to talk to everybody present. After a short introduction by Marijke, stories were exchanged. In the mean while enjoying  coffee, tea and Indonesian snacks. There were even some people from Ugchelen and Grave, who heard about our project and wanted to meet us. Family Visscher from Ugchelen even had their own project in Kampung Loco and of course that was very interesting to get information about. We surely are going to meet them and the family Nanning from Grave in Lombok. It was also lovely to meet the sponsors, we only knew by mail. We were very pleased that Christ en Gerda Schreurs from Lombokcare and family Geurts from Impian-Anak were present. It is very instructive to share information with people from other projects. We learn so much. Because actually we all want the same: helping the people in Lombok for better living conditions, but in an Indonesian way that fits them. Sometimes it is hard not to think and handle in the Dutch way.

Summary it was a wonderful afternoon, which was completed in a positive conversation with Patricia from “De leste Geulde”.

We surely are going to do this again. But until then, don’t hesitate to ask information. We are pleased to answer you.

Thank you all for being there and hopefully until a next time.

On behalf of Proyek Kampung Loco

Joep and Marijke


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