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Newsletter September 19 2009

It took some time but here is again a newsletter for our dear sponsors and other friends.
Holidays are over and every body is working or studying again.
It was a great summer and many, many sponsors visited the kampung, but First some other information.

- In the month of Mai we went to the famous Dutch “Pasar Malam” in Den Hague. Rob and Ineke Hegeman are joining us. Just one day later they put some money on the bankaccount of the project. We love them for it.

- After our djembe lessons in the evening we talk to Han van de Pasch. A wonderfull women who plays also plays the djembe for many years. We tell her about our project and the site and that same evening she start reading all of it, until late in the night. Next week she puts us an envelope in our hands for the project and promises us to visite us in Lombok. What a great person.

- Joep takes our car to the garage. On the way back he talks to the owner of the garage of Auto Berns, a one man company, about the project. As Joep wants to pay, he gets some money back for the project. Thank you sir.

- Andrea, our international sponsor even gets our story publiced in an Italian magazine about Bali and Lombok. This boy is really working hard for us. See under Press. (published soon)

- Also in May the kampung is visited by Wim and Joyce, who sponsor Yunus. Our “ambassador” even gets a present for all the children of the kampung. An orange cap. If that was not enough Joyce and Wim gave all the children an ice cream. They also took one of the sponsored laptops to Lombok. A report about this you can read under Reports

- In the same time Roy, Adrie and their children Sidney and Lesley are going to visit the kampung and meet their sponsorchild Satun.

Than summertime arrives and more and more visit for the kampung:

-  Nanda Mantel, director of the Koempoelan at Purmerend, is visiting the kampung with her husband.

- Maud van Duren, sponsor of Nurul, goes together with her younger brother Sjoerd and her parents Peter and Jacqueline,  to meet her sponsorsister . On the end of September we are invited for a report of this familyh. We hope Maud will write a short story in her own words. 

- Nick and Elise take son Jeffrey with them to Lombok, the country were Nicks father is born. Jeffrey becomes one of the locals with in one day and enjoys every minute of his stay. Also Nick and Elise took one sponsored laptop to Lombok. See under “Report” (not yet completed)

- And off couse Peter, Marianne, Tom and Anique Geurts. They have been in the kampung again and had a great timd. You can read the complete story under “Reports (Translation will be soon completed) With a compliment for Marianne, the way she desribes the live in Lombok. It is like you are there yourself. The nicest thing of all is that this family started their own project. Take a look at This is our dream. Other people who start a project too. And they are not the only one!!!

- Albert, Gerrie and Jake Jonkman from the Indonesian restaurant Kantjil & de Tijger from Amsterdam, are regular visitors from Lombok and for about one year reading our site. Last March we got an invitation to come to Den Haque to talk about the project. It is a wonderfull weekend in which we talk about many things of the project but also about live itself. Kantjil & de Tijger had an exposition of beautiful “bamboe” paintings, which were made in order of Albert and Gerie in Bali. Even son Jake joined the artists.  The paintings are for sale and they want the spend the income for a good purpose. They stay in the month of August also a few weeks in Lombok and in that time they visiting our project. As they return in Holland, they send us a mail to plan a meeting. Just after that we see a beautiful amount coming from them on the bank account the project. They visited us and her is their story about what they did and also are going to do: They were visiting a school in Mangsit, very close to the place were they always stay. They saw the children playing outside in the sand and dust. In the rain season the children often cannot play outside, because of all the mud. Albert and Gerry have the idea to use the money they get from the paintings to paving the school playground. The school director is very happy with this plan. What a present and a good way to spend the money. But the reason our project got some money too, is that they love our project and want to copy it for the kampung Mangsit. This is what we always hoped for. As more people start a project like ours, the help in Lombok is growing. We love it.

- Frequently we get a mail from people all over the World, we read about our project and want to help, with a waterproject or as a trainee. Our project is to small for this help, but we are very lucky we can send all this people to an organisation much bigger then ours and they help all over Lombok. So this way we can help more and more people.

Just one more month to go and our dream comes true. Staying wintertime in Lombok. More time for the project and maybe start new things in the kampung. Now we will have enough time to look and learn a lot. But we will also enjoy the rest and warmed, and specially the warmed of the people from the kampung. We will do our best to inform you all about this period in beautiful Lombok.



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