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Newsletter 10th of October 2010

The Summer is gone.  Many of us enjoyed the nice time and weather. Sometimes it was less, but that is tradition in our small country. The weather is what we always talk about, or grumble ha-ha. Everybody is relaxed. The children already looking forward to the holiday time in autumn.
We are looking forward to our stay in Lombok. If everything works out like planned, we leave at 25 November to Thailand, were we are going to visit some friends. From there we travel further to Indonesia and we hope to arrive in Lombok on the 2nd or 3rd of December for a stay of 4 months.

Last months we were mainly busy with our festival season and a little less with our project. We don’t have to worry because the project is doing very well. Since June the children start going to school. The boys in Lombok took care of new uniforms en school equipment, as we already told you in our last newsletter.  It is great to have a team like them in the kampung. We don’t have to worry at all. But off course we also have some little troubles. We heared that some children stopped school. We want to have the story as clean as possible. So in December we will check the stories with the children and there parents and we will tell the sponsors exactly what happened.

Now we want to tell you some nice facts:
  • As promised, we show you the picture of handing over the cheque of mr. Jan Houwen. Together with his family, he had a great time visiting Indonesia and we are very happy that they spend some days in Lombok and visited the kampung. As Jan send us the picture he added the below mentioned words:
    "The holiday and the visit to your village in Lombok was for me, Marian and the kids a special experience and something we keep in our minds for a long time.
    A beautiful country, with many extremes and very kind people.
    We were very welcomed by your friends in the kampung and it was a pity we could only stay for a short time, but it really impressed us!
    I am now even more convinced that you, together with the Loco team can make a good contribution to improve the quality of live of the people and specially the children of this kampung step by step.
  • Out of Lombok we received the good news that an anonymous sponsor gave Eful an amount of 1.500.000 ruphia. This sponsor wants to stay anonymous, but he is coming back every year! Terima kasih Mister Anonymous.
  • Also family Mulder was staying in Lombok and met people from the kampung. They went to Eful and told him that they want to sponsor Rozi for highschool. Thank you very much family Mulder and welcome to Proyek Kampung Loco.
  • But also in the Netherlands some nice things happened. On the Bruisfestival in Maastricht, we received an envelop from 2 nice colleaques with an amount to help for medicine in Lombok. They also prefer to stay anonymous, bus we thank them both very much. 
  • As we asked our godchild Stacey what she wants to have for her birthday, she told us she doesn’t want a present, but we should make a gift to the project. Dear Stacey, of course we will do that,  Thanks a lot for your support. You are a girl with a golden heart.
  • As we are busy with making the translation from this newsletter, Wim, our ambassador is coming for a cup of coffee. He is not coming empty handed. At restaurant In den Engel in Venray there still is standing a tipbox on the bar. In April it already contained more then € 100, -., which they handed over. Now they empty it again and it is € 410,- this time. Dear, dear people from In den Engels, thank you for your trust. We will try very hard to find a good and wise way to spend it.
Meanwhile we put our stuff and stand from the festivals away and slowly we are preparing for departure. First some exiting weeks before the birth of our second grandchild. We are so curious! Hopefully we have some weeks to enjoy the little darling. We surely are going to miss our grandchildren. We noticed last winter how hard it was.

Because we are not an official organisation, we have some problems with Paypal. There for we have to stop with Paypal payments. We do understand that this is a problem for the international sponsors. But we will get in touch with you for the next payment and will help you to make a fair donation, without extra costs.

We want to tell all sponsors, that if you want some extra information from your sponsorchild, please let us know. We are pleased to look for extra information. Just let us know.
Also we will be happy to take a greeting kart, letter or even drawings to Lombok. Other gifts we don’t really like. Imagine a child getting a present and the other brothers and sisters have to stand and look. This can be very painful.
If you want to give something for your sponsorchild you can mail this to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

When we are in Lombok again, we will make a report every week. It will probably be in Dutch. Sorry if we don’t have an English translation. But for all the friends who cannot read Dutch, if you have any questions, please don’t hasitate to ask us and we will try to put some nice pictures and information on facebook, you’ll find us under Proyek Kampung Loco.

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