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Newsletter June 2016

We want to share our last information.
As our reports were only in Dutch, we give a short impression of what is going on.

Our stay in Lombok was not so easy this year. We really want to learn more about the country and the people and every time we get a little bit more involved. But that is not always an advantage. In Indonesia lost face is the worst thing that can happen to you. In a way the people are not afraid to talk to us about their problems. Many times you feel the impotency that your not able or not even allowed to change the things, but it is really difficult. The country and his people have to develop in their own time. The only thing we can do is just take time and listen to their problems.

We had some changes in our project. For 10 Years Cuk and his wife did al of the administration. They did a great job. We thought it was about time to change. Cuk is getting more and more busy with his job. This made us decide to make a new distribution of the tasks.
Adi is going to take care of the administration of the schoolpart.
Boung takes care of the administration for medication and doctorvisits
And Eful takes care of the administration for supporting the kampong.

The fact that we explained the people that we don’t take any more new schoolchildren was very good understood. In February as we start making the pictures, there were no new children.
We had some intensive talks with some parents, who’s children wants to go to university. Both children are very smart and want to go to Bali or even Java. The costs for those educations are so expensive that it is impossible for us to handle. It wouldn’t be fare if we help these two children and have to give less to the other children. How bad we feel about this decision we have no choice. What these children are going to do now, we don’t know. We promised them the basic support for university. How they will use it, is up to them.

We had the possibility to visit  five elementary schools and it was very interesting to see how different they all are. One of the school directors has offered us to help advising the children for their future plans. Ibu Henny thank you for this. She already had an advising talk with one of the students who wants to go to university.

A part of the sponsors had a mail already and the support is coming in again. We are so happy with all you lovely people who support us. Without you we are nothing!!

On a regularly base you see new pictures on our Facebook site from the building of a new Community centre. 3 years ago we had a beautiful donation from Jan Houwen and we wanted to use that money for building this centre. But is was impossible to get land or permission to start things up. We learned already if you want to do something in Indonesia it takes a deep breath and long time. Last year we had a great, but emotional donation from Jeffrey Gaspersz. As he pasted away, the family decided to ask a donation for Proyek Kampung Loco. The kampong were he was so happy! We thought that this had to be used for the entire kampong. Now the time was right to start to build again. Together with the donation of Jan Houwen en Jeffrey we were able to start. The building is going to be used for several things. First it will be used for meetings concerning all the people of the kampong. On a regularly base a nurse is coming the check the new born babies. She can use the building too. We hope some day they will use the building also for courses English or learning how to read and write for the older people. As it looks now the building will be ready before the family of Jeffrey will visit Lombok.

This was a short message of what is going on with our project.

We wish you all will have a wonderful summertime and a great holiday.

……………..Life is a boomerang, what you give, you get.


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