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Saturday 18-10-2008


Yesterday we managed to get everything ready in time, and we even had some time to relax and look forward to the trip. We got out of bed at 07.00.
Plenty of time, the flight is at 14.00. Our friend Nick (who was in Lombok with us last year) will come to pick us up and drop us at the airport. What a delicious luxury!
We are at Schiphol on time and, thanks to on-line check-in, we quickly get rid of our luggage.
Still enough time for a cup of coffee with Nick, then we say Goodbeye.
Pitiful for Nick, leaving him here. We just know he and his dear friend Elise rather would go with us. But also they are counting off the days to go to Lombok, they will go there next July.
Time flies, and after buying a good book, we can board the plane.
Cathay Pacific has a good price-quality proportion.
Only this time I am a bit disappointed. On the menu there is chicken. We are one of the first people on the plane to choose menu, but the chicken is already “sold-out”.
In the chair in front of us, there is a little screen where you can watch a movie or for instance follow the flight conditions. But whatever button I push, nothing happens.  
When I order a glass of wine (makes you so sleepy) they forget me.
This is complaint number 3, and that is enough for me, I decide to approach the manager. I don’t know if this person is called a manager, but the lady in the sophisticated coat and shirt sure looks like a manager.  
Joep ducked away in his chair. I can see him think; “That’s Marijke again! She can’t leave it.”
But I think I handle it in a polite way. I tell the manager that usually I am very satisfied with Cathay Pacific, but that today I am a little disappointed.
Concerning the food, I get lots of apologies, the wine will be brought immediately.
She tries to bring the screen back to life, but after a while she can only conclude that it doesn’t work.
Then the result, at breakfast we are being asked what we want to eat at first, and we get our choice before everyone else. 
Almost half an hour later, the other people get their breakfast. 
All the people are watching us being treated as VIP’s, and of course it makes us burst into laugh.
After almost 11 hours (of course I sometimes had a little moment of sleep, but this sounds more tragic) watching the same movie “The love guru” again and again (4 times) and without sound, to my surprise the manager offers me a cheque and I can choose something from the tax-free shopping on board of the plane at the worth of, yes really, $  50.
On the way back (and I am going to think about this for one month) for the first time in my life, I am going to buy an expensive perfume or something like that. Yes, to be truth, I would never buy anything those things, but when you get $ 50…  Joep is asking me if I don’t have any more complaints…