Proyek Kampung Loco

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Januray 2009 Theo and Sjan

Theo Kleeven and Sjan van den Broek were visiting Kampung Loco in the beginning of January. Indonesia and Lombok were not new to them, because they travel a lot, but this was there first visit to the kampung. Theo is a sponsor, see general support at sponsoring. In October 2007 he decided to give the complete amount he got for his 25th jobanniversery to our project. A great gift. Here you can read there story, send to us by e-mail in two times. January 8th  2009
Last Monday we arrived at Lombok, after a mini-flight in a mini-plane of 20 minutes from Denpasar. “Welcome to Lombok, the sister island of Bali” it says on a billboard at the arrival, but the different wiht big sister is still gigantic and I don’t mean that negative: here is is more puur (and more “poor”), but the people are great!
After arrival we went directly, by airporttaxi to Senggigi, were we got a room at Graha Beach Hotel. Good room (with airco, because you need one!!) at the beachside for 250.0000 ruphia (= $ 25, so count back to euro’s). For this price you get a good breakfast every moring and every day clean sheets and towels. Good choice.
First a cold Bintang (beer), another cold Bintang and another cold Bintang and then we go in the direction of Kampung Loco, which is very close to the hotel. We forgot to write down the names of the boys from the project so when we see some constructors working at the mosk, we ask for the way. It did’nt work because they did speak Englisch, but the magic word was Joep and Marijke and the musk start to com alive: that way, that way! Just follow to road and everything will be allright. And it did…… The first house on the left, with a new bemo in the front is the house of Cuk, who immediately knows who we are, despite my drastically image change at my rambut (hair) on my head and on my chin. The welcome was very hospitable: please come in, the best chair (sofa), very sweet tea and immediately the cashbooks on the table and they get the rest of the gang. We believe the cashbooks, photo’s of the children and sponsors and everything. Maria had given a present for her fosterchild, who comes in very shy and after a few pictures he is very happy to leave again. After that drinking tea at the rumah (house) of Joep and Marijke, next to Adi’s house. You really got a nice house overthere. After to the baruga from Boung (yes, really we have to go everywere) drink Lombok coffee. It feels like you know these boys already for years. Eful show to be at work and he will come later. Far after dark we go home to the hotel. The day after back to the kampong. Boung takes us up the mountain were the Hindu-people live. Nice hike but hard for the untrained Limbo’s with overweight. These people are really poor. They are very lucky, they can use the water from the watertank out of the project. There is also no electricity, so where they load there mobils I don’t know :>)…. After we get back to the kampung, Boungs wife made a great Urab Urab whit a kind of chicken in the pot. It tasted great and then a lot of talk and laughing….. What a wunderfull, nice people……..

Internet time is finished. Next time more……

January 15th 2009
We are already on Bali, but we promised you part 2 of Lombok, so here is the story;

After Boung brought us to the main road by the track with the “lighting from Holland” (Lampu Belanda and than always a big smile), (by the lighting they mean the streetlamps the project sponsored), we go for a beer. Buy 2 get 3, so that’s a good deal. As at 22.00 hours the lifeband starts, we now that this is the time to say, selamat tidur dan mimpi manis (good night and sweet dreams). The day after we decide to relax at the swimmingpool, it’s holiday ofcouse and we pay for it. We are Dutch remember. Late afternoon we go to the kampung again for some talk en a programm for tomorrow. Now the children have holiday so we can hire the bemo. Al four of the boys and the driver are coming along for the tradional programm like: the pottery, weavery, tradional Sasakvillage and Kuta Lombok. Near Kura Lombok they are building a new international airport, the proud of al the local people. The pottery is actually not a pottery but a salesplace for the pots which a specially made for the tourist. In the weavery they were really weaving a colourfull, doublesided Ikat. A very special technicque. Very nice if you never saw this, but we have been on Lombok before and for us it is more the sociability all together then the programm. We have a lunch and we take our time. Eful, Cuk, Boung and Adi are just like a group of young children and we have a lot of fun together. In the afternoon we have a superfast visit to the tradional Sasakvillage. It feels like that, because you only get in with a local guide and his job is to get you out as soon as possible and try to get the locals to sell something. It feels like that because within ten minutes we are out again. No we don’t care, because it was our third déjà vu experience. Up to Kuta-Lombok were we enjoy the view at the see and…. Further nothing, there is nothing. Accept the tireless little sellers, who, using the words: “please buy…not for profit… for helping pay school”, with a reall success get on your nerves. This mantra, used in many ways is all for one purpose: get those tourists, make them buy. The youngest one whit is big mounth I like the most. So before we leave I give him 10.000 ruphias hoping he keeps his bracelets. The nicest thing of this day was being all together. In the evening we are sitting again on the Berugak ( this is the way you have to write it Marijke, the K on the end of a word they never pronounce) Kommunikasi ( I think I wrote this one wrong) having coffee at Boungs place. Sorry for all the others: this is something between Joep and Marijke and us.  
We had a nice day and the money was not the problem. We payed 275.000 ruphia for the bemo and the driver, including gas. Oke, we also payed for the lunch ofcourse… that was even a litlle more expensive ;-)

The day after, Boung has to work in the afternoon, so after breakfast we go to the kampung again, were everybody start to know us now. We also go to the house of Junaidi, the sponsorchild from Maria and Jan and at home he is not so shy as he was a few days ago at Cuk’s place. Maria, I have made some nice pictures of there place, family etc.

We have decided to go by Peramaboat tomorrow from Senggigi back to Bali, so this is the time to say goodbye to everybody. The last pictures we make are from Boung with his family at their little warung. We are going to print them and send them for sure!

The next day Boung is at our hotel to take our backpacks to the Perama office. He so nice. He also brought some great Lombok-coffee for us and a present from Junaidi for Maria and Jan. We give him a big hug and with his typical smile and a: “See you next year, ya?” we say goodbye.

Ofcourse I had to write something in the guestbook, before we left (as the first one!). What exactly, I forgot, but one sentence I remember and I think it is a nice one, so with this I want to end the story:

It was good to see, that by the commitment of Joep and Marijke on one site of the line and the commitment of Boung, Eful, Cuk and Ady on the other site the line becomes a circle again.

I think I’m going to put this words on the mailbox.

Greetings to all of you:
Sjan and Teej